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Viewing Single Post From: Monday, September 30th Daily Discussion
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Sep 30 2013, 06:22 PM
The best part of this episode was Kristen's tech geek calling her a retard, lol...she needs to stick around and hang out with Anne Milbauer!
I totally agree...Otherwise what a lot of boring filler.

The flashbacks not being from Eric's POV are pissing me off royally. Would it REALLY have been so hard to shoot scenes from his perspective?

Also...Ali Sweeney cannot direct to save her LIFE! She sucks at it. They need to stop letting her direct. The EJ/Rafe scene was completely awkward and not JUST because these two bring out the worst in each other acting-wise in every scene they share (which they do) but because EJ's movements around the room were very WTFery...As were a lot fo close-ups in everyone else's scenes where there shouldn't have been any, etc. Everything was just a mess and most of the actors looked very robotic. They couldn't ALL have been having an off day. Swiney needs to stick to being her phoney self on TBL and stay away from the director's chair at DAYS. Unless, of course, this means we'll get more and more 6 plus days without her ON screen...in which case...I'll deal with it lol
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