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Patrick took the ring off today, however, Would he removed it if he hadn't talked with Anna and Carlos hadn't call him out on still wearing it?
I wish Patrick didn't take the ring off--just accept what's in his heart, not moving on until he's really ready to do it.

Robin is back!!!! :cheer: :cheer: The fallout from this is gonna be must see tv! I can't wait until it's revealed she's not dead. :cheer: :cheer:

I kinda sympathize with Maxie. :peek: She was torn between doing the right thing/telling the truth verses keeping a promise to her best friend. Thou she
miscarried Lante's child when she knew she was pregnant with her own child, she didn't want to disappoint/hurt Lante knowing they desperately wanted a baby.

Now that the truth is out, Lante treats Spixie with disdain, as if they intentionally kept them in the dark to hurt them. IMO Spixie realized Lante
had already bonded with Connie. And, they still could be in the baby's life as god-parents.

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