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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Oct 1 2013, 04:07 PM
Oct 1 2013, 01:53 PM
I still cannot understand why Sami would, could or should be angry to Stefano at this point. Bitch, you're FREE, and not spending the rest of your life behind bars. I think that should be something to be grateful about! And sure, Stefano could have given the razor back earlier, but the point is he eventually did it. And the only thing he is asking in return is for them to live at the mansion and for them to be a family??? That's not such a tough deal, Sami! Especially given that before all this happened, EJ took something that was *not* his. The old Stefano would have had him killed for being such a treacherous bastard.

All this "drama" that is supposed to be coming out of this situation just seems hollow to me.
I completely agree!!! It was just fine with her that Elvis did SOMETHING that got her out of jail.she didn't care what it was. She should have kissed Stefano's ring today. Voluntarily. You take up with Elvis DiMera, you want to live the good life at the DiMansion, bringing your children with you, and you're shocked that baby Elvis made a deal with his father to save your stupid @ss? GMAB. Sami, you are a DiMera, you wanted to be a DiMera, now shut up.
I'll finish the end of your statement there.....

....and take it.

I just don't get it...Sami was smarter that this....once upon a time she went up against the likes of Kate, Vivian and Victor and actually won....IDK....she went into that house out of her own accord. She went to Stefano for help with the Will situation even as EJ tried to talk her out of it. She moved her kids into that house, at the objection of one of the kid's fathers.....she didn't give a flying leap, she didn't try any other method except Stefano to try to help Will out, she didn't confide in anyone about Will's predicament but somehow, someway now she is shocked that EJ made a deal with Stefano to give him back what was actually Stefano's, that Ej had for a hot minute, but couldn't even use to free her and had to make a deal to have the entire family in the mansion under Stefano's watchful eye....SHE MOVED HERSELF IN THERE WITH HER KIDS before, and she wasn't bitching about it then. Sami...why don't you just start thinking....think long and hard.....start thinking about what's important to you.....Stefano has control over you because you let him have it, he didn't need EJ, he was just the added bonus....he still has the box with the evidence to incriminate Will.....have you forgotten this? MORON
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