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Salem Reborn is all new. Episode 23 is posted

In the Horton living room, Shane stares at Jack. "You can't truly be that naive," Shane says.

Sonny is standing in front of Gareth. "Give me another chance," Sonny begs. "Please."

EJ has Nicole backed against a wall. "Why, Nicole?" he demands in a low, angry voice. "I offered you everything you ever wanted and it still could be yours. Yours and our child's. Why do you persist with these lies?"

At the football field, Will is standing with Craig and Duron, who are both in uniforms. Duron asks, "Why were you busted with everyone else at The Spot?" To Craig, he says, "In a fight, you're supposed to have your teammates' backs."

Elena lays a flower on top of a gravestone. "I did it, Papa," she says. "Your soul can rest. We can move on now."

John is in the safehouse kitchen. He says, "If the ISA knows who the killer is, I need to know."

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