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S loves EJ

Oct 1 2013, 08:16 PM
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Any. Like how she didn't care that Bernardi was a dirty cop until it affected her.
Well, isn't that true for pretty most people unless they're a cop or an activist against certain types of crimes? I mean, she is obviously not a concerned citizen of Salem who goes around trying to bust the bad guys, but I've never seen anything lately to indicate lately that she's cool with people murdering, dismembering body parts, etc. even if it's not happening to her.
She hasn't had a problem with EJ doing it. But you should know, my heart really isn't into this discussion.

Sami hide Sydney because the mayor was shoot at her doorstep, and she was gonna tell EJ about Grace but changed her mind when Phillip was shoot. Sami doesn´t seem to have a problem with EJ´s past crimes now but she would leave him if he started them again.
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