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The National Enquirer

* Chad finds himself in a fatal situation

* Nicole shares a shocking secret about Kristen with Brady

* Eric has a horrifying realization

* The judge delivers his decision to JJ and his family

* Kate looks into Jordanís past



Monday ("Chad's Surgery")
Marge points her gun at EJ after shooting Chad; Chad is rushed into surgery.

Tuesday ("Keeping Vigil")
Chad's family and friends anxiously await news of his condition; Roman sternly warns Sami about marrying into the DiMera family.

Wednesday ("Shocking Secret")
Nicole tells Brady a shocking secret about Kristen; JJ feels overwhelmed when he stands before the judge.

Thursday ("Nicole's Plan")
Nicole's plan backfires; the judge delivers his final decision to an anxiety-ridden JJ, Abigail and Jennifer.

Friday ("Jennifer's Fears")
Jennifer worries she's lost JJ for good; Kate digs into Jordan's past.

Chadís lie about having a brain tumor may have fatal consequences.

Sami points out to Stefano that if Chad dies, it will be on his hands.

Daniel and Eric decide to see whatís on the flash drive Parker found in the park.

Jennifer and Abigail have an unsettling encounter with a scheming Theresa.

EJ is stunned when Sami makes an unexpected decision about their wedding leading to a serious conversation about their relationship and future.

Jennifer unleashes all her anger at Theresa and attacks her!
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