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Sami did the shooting all on her own, but Stefano essentially kept her imprisoned by keeping quiet about the location of the razor (and he most likely made sure it ended up at the nurse's house in the first place), moving the planted money out of the utility room etc. None of this would have happened if it weren't for him, so I don't think Sami should be grateful to him for deciding to stop ruining her life for the time being.
The money was an illegal scheme of EJ's and was not true. EJ made up something that isn't true. So that is a non-issue.

How could it possibly said that "none" of this would have happened without Stefano, when, again, Sami is the one who shot a man. That was the crime here, not Stefano hiding a razor.
Shooting somebody isn't a crime if the shooter can prove they justifiably acted in self defense or defense of another person. That's why the prosecutor dropped the charges against Sami because she didn't believe she could prove that Sami committed a crime.

On the other hand, withholding evidence can often be a crime.
Sami clearly committed perjury before the grand jury which is also a crime.It is stupid that Melinda went all or nothing when she could have kept pressure on Sami by having her on probation or whatever for that crime,thereby,keeping alive the remote possibility of getting something on EJ/Stefano.
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