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Oct 1 2013, 11:19 PM
A better script sure makes a better show.

I enjoyed Nicole trying to bow out and Eric's petulant response. I want her out of there immediately claiming back her vibrant personality, but it was nice to see Eric reluctant to let her go for a change. If they are going to continue down this path and make me believe it has a romantic slant then give me something from the guy to help sell it. Right now the story has dragged its heels too much for me to invest. I want more for Nicole.

Victor and Marlena are just too cute together. I love his snappy responses to her objections and then their happy glee at having another go at Kristen.

Ej and Rafe always grab my attention. The tension, animosity and ill will is fun to watch. Who will have the upper hand? What smart remark will leave a sting? Rafe got in his zinger about Sami shooting Ej in the head and Ej took pure delight in filling Rafe in on Bernardi's true intention. Rafe grabbing Ej by the tie was a great surprise move.

They are setting up vindictive Marge nicely. Attacking a helpless man recovering from a coma is pretty brazen.

Jordan had this knowing look when she agreed that it's easy to look past flaws when in love. Back-story anvil! I also liked how she seemed taken by surprise by Rafe's understanding of Marge's situation.

The woman helping Kristen is a gem! So funny!

Love when Stefano smiles that 'gotcha' smile! Oh Sami, honestly! Was the woman born yesterday?!

Stefano's portrait is back!!! Stefano's portrait is back!!!

I really liked Marlena/Kristin/Stefano,Stefano/Sami,and EJ/Rafe although I must admit my favorite scene was Rafe grabbing EJ's tie and jerking his head down.I finding it interesting they had EJ eating left overs from Rafe's food tray while taunting Rafe about the fact that he has won Rafe's left overs from Rafe's love life and having EJ taunt Rafe about his medical condition then having Rafe grab physically fit EJ's tie and pull his head down.I like the fact that Rafe brought up the fact that Sami shot EJ in the head when EJ was passed out,the fact that EJ was messing with him instead of enjoying the bliss of being with the woman he loves,and the fact that he defended Kate instead of remaining silent when EJ made that crack about Kate I think Rafe was the clear winner in their encounter.
Happy to see the portrait of Stefano back on the wll where it belongs.Looking forward to seeing what Stefano does to EJ and Sami.Also looking forward to beginning of the journey of the flashdrive of doom.
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