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I don't have a problem with Sami going to her grandmother for advice. We've seen a bond between the women and Sami actually seems to respect her opinion more often than not. What I have issue with is the content of the conversation. I would have respected the scene more if instead of droning on about respecting Ej for standing by his word and their love, Caroline had taken the hard stance of 'you made the choice to hitch your wagon to this man and in essence the Dimera world of which he has always had ties so live with it. If you're going to whine at every turn about the family connections, then take off the ring and walk away now.'

Sami and Ej's argument was just silly. It was superfluous filler that carried not a bit of weight.

I don't like Teresa's 80s throwback jean jacket, Abby's ugly dress, Chad's unattractive shirt/sweater combo and JJ's wife beater under the unbuttoned plaid shirt. Gabi looked gorgeous though and at least Jennifer is out of the ugly dress, but overall I'm not feeling confident wardrobe!

Kayla's slip was fine for me. I thought it worked fine to have it slip out in the exchange that took place. I'm sure Kayla is feeling the strain of both Teresa and JJ going off the rails.

Lucas with all the kids was a nice treat and at least they kept him consistent with his take on Sami's predicament. I wish they'd branch him out and show Lucas interacting with JJ more or just in a sweet scene sharing an ice cream cone with his daughter.

Teresa with Anne feels too high school shenanigans for my taste and a bit redundant since we already saw the Chloe/Anne duo essentially doing the same thing. Something fresh here please writers.

Christmas is coming. Could you please recast Sydney again? That scene was just weird.

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