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Brotherly Love

Oct 2 2013, 07:23 PM
Oct 2 2013, 06:50 PM
Oct 2 2013, 02:40 PM
Well....that entire episode was super disappointing.

The good: Lucas, I've come to realize he's MY ONLY enjoyment left on this show...loved the joke about the guns....typical Lucas with the jabs...I liked that...apparently he took all the kids for a day out? That is nice to see....I loved the mention of Allie moving out if the stuff about Dimansion was true...GOOD! I still don't believe that Lucas would be fine with Ej around Allie, it shouldn't just be about Stefano for him...it should be about both of them and what they've done to him and his family over the years.....

I still wish they'd invested more into Abby and Chad...I love their chemistry...I liked the Chad/Ej scenes at Dimansion....

The bad: EJ's hair.....What the hell......still.....WTF was that Ej and Sami bullshit fight...SAMI YOU MOVED YOURSELF IN THAT HOUSE.....WTF are you so shocked about? Goodness, she's such a twit...and EJ....stop saying that you gave your word. Since when have you kept your word on ANYTHING? WHEN? Oh and Caroline...please shut the fuck up.....are you telling me that you think EJ is a man of his word? She's completely gone bananas. IMHO Using Caroline to talk to Sami was the wrong move, unless they want the conversation to be the focal point of Sami realizing later on that Caroline was in fact wrong....there was a reason she didn't end up leaving Shawn for Victor...mobster's words don't mean squat....

Please show don't let the word "WORD" end up being the next vendetta....

This show has become a joke.
OMG.. THIS.. all of it.

Finally, we get to see Lucas in some scenes where he belongs.

I cry bullshit, too, on that EJ and Sami fight. What was that, anyway?

And Sami and Caroline was just plain pathetic. Sami now takes advice from her granny with Alzheimers who always hated EJ and Stefano Dimera. Now, she is all ok with Sami being with EJ after all he and his family have done to her children and grandchildren. It was all ludicrous... the dialogue... all of it.
If they want to portray Caroline as an Alzheimer patient, why don't they have her have a few short term memory problems? Like offer people coffee, then a minute later offer it again? Let her family deal with that. Instead of having her completely lucid (despite that ridiculous convo with Sami).
Whoever the Awesome Writer who crafts JJ's dialogue could have so much fun with this, especially if she got stuck in the past and starting bringing home truths about everyone's history that the current writing regime would like to forget.

"What do you mean, Maggie's married to that thug who was a sperm donor for Bo?"
"Why is Jennifer macking on that orange dude? Isn't he the one who broke up her brother's marriage?"
"Wait, you're marrying your rapist? Must be something in the water in this town."
"That's not Roman. I'm not exactly sure what Roman looks like, honestly, but that's not him."
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