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Lysie: We were afraid of that.
Judi: Yeah, unfortunately. Its cyclical like with anything. And were old. It is what it is.

There we have it. That's why we see very little of the vets that still have storylines that could be told, but will not. Does NBC even realize that this show really has, in my opinion, the best cast in all of daytime right now? We have soap legends sitting around doing nothing, and I am not crazy about TomSell, but Keith is right, it's an NBC problem.

Well, that's why John was written out so terribly, and we see Hope have no resolution for Bo. Marlena is at least still around, and with Miles back we have some door cracked for her to have a little story time, maybe. People who have watched this show for years are disgusted by the lack of veteran interaction. If they think of Sami as a veteran character then they are right.....a veteran character that has been beaten like a dead horse. Her character has worn it course through OVERKILL. I would not leave the room when I see her face if it had not been shown constantly for 15 years straight. I have grown to loathe Sami Brady.

Well, I am not in their target Demo....I am a straight male that's 34, who has such a memory I can still see the ORIGINAL Bope wedding in my mind. I've watched it all my life, and wish to God it would just stay consistently good. Ageism is not going to do a damn thing for this show except piss people like me the hell off.
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