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Director: Phil Sogard
Scriptwriter: Melissa Salmons

Segment 1: It's Oktoberfest at the club. Gabi is talking to Sonny. She's happy to be having a night out. Sonny thinks she and her date will have a blast. Cameron has arrived.

Abby is reading her dad's book and crying. Chad knocks. She opens the door and goes into his arms.

JJ and Bev are in the park. JJ insists that Daniel doesn't have the guts to tell his mom that he crashed at his place. Bev points out that it doesn't take guts to tell the truth and since JJ totally punked Dan in front of Jen she's not so sure Dan won't tell.

Dan is at his apt making a call to get his locks changed.

Kayla sees Jen near the nurse's station and asks if she's heard from JJ. No but she heard he's holding court at the park. She guesses that's his new home. Anne and Theresa walk up laughing. Kayla reminds Theresa she has a plane to catch. Theresa isn't going anywhere.

Lucas and the 3 kids are at the pub. Caroline is there to. The kids are excited about going to Chicago with Mommy and Daddy.

EJ tells Sami they can't move out of the mansion. Sami finally realises this was part of the deal. Don't say this was for me. EJ tells her that this was the price for her not going to prison for the rest of her life. Sami says he can't expect her to live under the same roof as the man who was willing to send her to prison knowing she was innocent. She thinks that EJ can't possibly live here either. EJ states clearly that he can and he will because he gave Stefano his word.

JJ thinks if Dan was going to tell he'd have done so already. Bev asks where he's planning on spending the night.

Theresa informs Kayla and Jen that Anne got her a new job at the hospital. Kayla didn't approve a new job for Theresa. Anne knows how committed she is to helping Theresa turn things around. The court order clearly states she must be employed at University Hospital so I found a spot for her. Theresa says this job will be a better fit for her. Kayla asks where she'll be working. Hospital security. Jen starts laughing. Anne - We got an order to re-issue everyone's ID credentials and she thinks Theresa is perfect the job. Theresa tells Kayla she won't blow it this time. She just needed to be working with the right person.

Segment 2: Sonny's matchmaking is so blatant it's adorable. Cam and Gabi are actually cute together. They talk about the Chicken Dance. Cam says it doesn't matter that he can dance. Nothing prepares you for that dance - it's pretty scary.

Abby talks about how it felt to read the book. Abby thanks him again. Chad tells Abby he's moving into the mansion today. EJ sent someone over to pack. He thinks she hates that he's moving there. Abby - It's your family. Sometimes that's all that matters.

Kayla says that Theresa has to meet the same standards as any other employee here. She tells Theresa this is her last chance; no more excuses. Theresa gets it. She won't let her down. Kayla tells her to stay away from Jen; she has a lot on her plate. Kayla leaves. Theresa and Anne mention Jen and then Theresa says she's going to get started on that 'special' project.

Theresa lets herself into Jen's office. Jen tells her to leave. Theresa sneers. We have unfinished business.

EJ says it's easier to keep her safe if they're living here where he can keep an eye on things. Sami argues. He repeats that he gave his word. It means that I gave my word as a DiMera ... end of! Sami scoffs. He was willing to give up his last name and run away with the kids. EJ snaps - I would have done just about anything to set you free. I grovelled for you. Sami is sorry. EJ - Sorry does not touch it my dear. I got down on my hands and knees for you and I begged him to take it all back and I offered him anything in return for you ... I kissed that guy's ring ... for you! Sami - Are you serious! You're like the Borgia's now. I'm not putting up with this mobster ... I'm going to talk to Stefano right now. EJ - You will do no such thing! Sami - Are you giving me an order? Stefano's not back 24 hrs and you're ... EJ - Take a breath before you lash out. Sami can't. There is no air in this place. What will this do to you. What will this do to our children. EJ - Do not make me sell this to you because I have done enough begging to last a life time. Sami knows. But you're asking me to trade one life sentence for another and I can't and I certainly can't for some stupid, Gothic oath ceremony. EJ - Do you really think that little of me. He yells, she yells. She can't think. All she can hear is that his word means more to him than she and the children do. EJ - Are you just deliberately refusing to listen to me. Sami's heard every word but the only reason they're staying here is because of him. So you're going to trade it all, me, the kids, our life, our family, for that ... or I'll be out of here.

Segment 3: EJ yells that he gave his word. Sami - You are choosing the DiMera's, I choose my family, our family. Come with me. EJ can't. Sami - You can't live in this house without me. EJ doesn't want to. Sami can see he's not going to budge. EJ - Because I gave my word. Sami - Don't say that to me again. I'll send someone for my things.

Abby and Chad talk about family. Wherever Chad is that's where Abby will be.

Dan is playing with Parker and Parker keeps asking for Jennifer.

Theresa tries to scare Jen. Jen doesn't take the bait. She tells Theresa to stay away from her and her son. Goodbye.

JJ asks to crash at Bev's house. Bev can't. Kayla walks up. Bev leaves. JJ tells his Aunt Kayla it's good to see her. I've been worried about Mom. Kayla - She's worried about you too. JJ - We made a mess of things. Kayla - We? JJ - Mostly me. I really want to fix it. Maybe you can help.

Segment 4: Anne hands Theresa a clipboard and tells her what to do with the form. Theresa thought it was supposed to be complicated. Anne - Window dressing. You have only one job to do and that's to make Jennifer miserable on a daily basis. All Theresa needed was a clear goal. When I get under her skin she'll start messing up. She's so overprotective of her kids. Anne agrees, the kids and Dr Dan. Get to work.

Dan talks to Parker about Jennifer's son and how her little boy needs her a lot. Just because we don't see her it doesn't mean we can't love her or miss her.

Jen looks at a drawing from Parker. Cue f/b.

JJ - This thing between me and Mom; I just think we need more time. Just a couple of more days and then she can probably hear me. Kayla - I hope you'll try. JJ - I hope I can stick around to try. I can't live in the park; they arrest for that. Kayla - Where are you going to go? JJ - I don't know. Maybe I can hang with you and Joey for a few nights. Kayla - Stop. We love you which is why we're not going to get in the middle of this. You've got to work this out with your mother. JJ - Yeah everyone who loves me is okay with me sleeping on the street until then. You guys don't give a damn about me. Daniel and Mom have turned you all against me.

Abby comes into the club and talks to Sonny asking how things are. They're good. We're happy and it looks like Gabi may end up happy too. Abby turns and sees Cam and Gabi together.

EJ hears the door and thinks it's Sami. It's Chad. He asks what's going on. EJ tells him Samantha left for good. She refuses to live in this house with Stefano. Chad - I'm sorry but can you blame her.

Sami arrives at the pub. Sydney wants her doll. Sami forgot it. Johnny asks if she forgot Daddy too. Caroline takes the kids to make ice cream. Lucas asks Sami's what's up. Sami - EJ's lost his mind and I'm afraid that I've lost him.

Segment 5: Sonny - Sorry, I thought since you had moved on with Chad ... Abby tells him he doesn't have to apologise. She has moved on and Cameron should to. She keeps watching them.

Kayla - Daniel? He's got nothing to do with this. JJ - Like hell. Kayla - Your mother is the one who's taken the hard line here because she wants to get through to you. JJ - Or get me out of the way. Kayla - That is not it. JJ - You're friends with them so you don't get it either. You think he's a great guy, right. Kayla - Yes I do. JJ - You're all so blind. The guy's scum. How come you can't see it?

Theresa tells Dan she has some forms for him to fill out.

EJ can blame Sami for not staying because she is the reason ... he stops. Chad - The reason what? EJ tells him it doesn't matter. Go and unpack. Chad figures out that EJ made a deal with Stefano who was sitting on the evidence. EJ - What was I supposed to do, let her go to prison. Chad - Of course not 'cause he had you. EJ - Thank you, it's not that hard to understand, is it? Chad - Stefano had you boxed in so he dictated the terms. I'm surprised all he wanted was for you all to live here. EJ - That was just the first order of the day though I suspect it was the one that mattered to him the most. You know how he likes his torture. He made sure he took care of business. Chad - So you did pay for it. EJ - In blood and treasure. Chad - How much? EJ - Everything.

Sami is telling Lucas and Caroline that EJ is saying they all have to live there together. Lucas - He can't do that. Sami knows. It would be a nightmare, completely toxic. Lucas - He's been living off those poisonous fumes long enough. Caroline is lost. Lucas - EJ wants Sami to live in the DiMera crypt. Caroline - That's where you've been living, isn't it? Lucas - This time with the crypt-keeper himself. Sami - Stefano is back. Lucas - Which might be a good thing after all because it means Allie doesn't have to live there anymore. Sami - I'm really happy this is working out for you. Lucas - I'm sorry that you're hurt but if you and EJ are going to break up maybe it's better now ... Caroline - You're breaking up? Sami - No. He's going to realise that I'm right. He's going to come to his senses. Lucas - Sounds just like him, doesn't it? Caroline - You're in love with him, aren't you? Sami - Of course. I thought he felt the same way about me. Caroline - He does. Sami - If he really loves me he would never ask me to do this.

Chad - So Stefano leans on you to stay here and you lean on me to get me to move in. EJ - The circle of life. EJ pours them each a drink. Welcome home.

Segment 6: Lucas tells Sami not to let EJ bully her. If you know something's not right for you and the kids you shouldn't do it. You're doing the right thing. Stick to your guns. Wait a sec ... not guns. Don't touch another gun as long as you live. Hang in there. Lucas goes to check on the kids. Sami tells Caroline the fact that Lucas is agreeing with her sort of makes her think she's wrong. Jump in. Caroline asks why EJ is insisting on it. Sami tells her EJ had to promise Stefano a lot of things to give up the evidence that would free her. Caroline - Such as. Sami - The entire company, the deed to the house ... Caroline - Everything EJ has. Sami - And then he had to promise to live in that house with him; that he'd bring the entire family to live under that roof with him. Caroline - And EJ is sticking to that. Sami - He keeps insisting he gave his word as a DiMera. Caroline understands that. The man gave his word. It has to mean something.

Chad - Doesn't Sami get what you did for her? EJ - She says she does. Chad - She still leaves you here with your decanter in hand. That's cold. EJ - No she wants me to leave with her and double-cross Stefano. Chad - It wouldn't be the first time. EJ - I gave him my word as a DiMera. She does not have sympathy for promises made to our father. Chad - It's not about that. It's about you. It's about your word. EJ - Thank you. You've been a DiMera 5 mins. and you understand that. Chad - Why were you so okay of me lying to Cameron? EJ - Cameron had something you wanted and you took it. Did you give him your word. Chad - Hell no. EJ - Exactly. All's fair in love and war. EJ's going to pour another drink but Chad won't let him. You love Sami, it's not over yet. You can't take her storming out of here seriously. EJ - This wasn't a little tantrum; she meant it. Chad - You have your work cut out for you. EJ - I don't beg. Chad - She'll get it. EJ - Maybe in time. Chad - Now, before she digs in her heels. Do it. EJ - Thanks. Chad - I don't want to live in this joint without those kids around. EJ - Neither do I. He hugs Chad. Thank you.

Jen sees Dan and goes in another direction. Theresa sees her and goes up to Daniel and gushes over his pictures of Parker as Jen watches.

Kayla - Daniel and your mother were happy. JJ - There is no way! The guy isn't half the man my Dad was. Maybe she was lonely but this is just desperate and pathetic. It's like she's forgotten all about him. Kayla - Your mom hasn't forgotten about your dad. JJ - Then how can she look twice at this two-faced S.O.B. Kayla snaps - Hey! JJ - Don't try and defend him okay. He's a scummy, self-serving ... Kayla - Stop it! That is not true. JJ - He's not in the same league as my Dad. Maybe it's hard ... Kayla - Listen JJ your dad was no saint. I know that better than anybody.

Segment 7: Sami is affronted that Caroline thinks she is wrong. Caroline points out that EJ sacrificed everything for her. Sami knows that. Caroline - This is the man who promised to love you and stay with you for better and worse. Don't you want to know that he can keep a promise and hang in there the worst it can get. Sami - Yeah, for me, not Stefano. Caroline - We all know what Stefano is but this is about what EJ could be. Sami's worried that being in that house will destroy EJ; that he'll be sucked back into that life. She's scared it will change him and he's hell bent on staying there. Caroline - Then you have a choice to make. She gets up from the table and goes to the kitchen. EJ comes into the pub.

Gabi has to go. Abby says hi to Cameron and then asks why he lied to her.

Dan gets paged. Theresa goes to Jen and says Dan is nice, hot too. Isn't it funny how we like the same men. Lucky for me you just throw them away. What's up with that?

JJ - Okay, Dad wasn't a saint but ... Kayla - Just forget that okay, please. JJ - No I'm not going to forget it. How can I. Aunt Kayla, what do you mean by you should know better than anyone. What do you know about my Dad?
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