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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Oct 2 2013, 08:14 PM
I liked Sami's talk with Caroline. She's been asking her for advice now for awhile, so that didn't surprise or annoy me at all. I used to have that kind of relationship with my grandmother, so I totally buy it.

What I don't buy is Sami's ridiculous behavior toward EJ. It almost makes me wish he would have left her ass in jail. Almost...

I'd really just like her to say thank you. Yeah, sharing DiMansion with Stef will suck a bit, and they won't have their fab portrait to stare at anymore, but better this than sharing a jail cell with a 500 lb inmate named Big Bertha who wants to call you sweetheart.
I also thought it made perfect sense that Sami would talk with Caroline about the issue with EJ/Stefano. More often than not Sami seems to go to Caroline for advice like this...I can think of a number of times when she's done so in the past several years. Not so much with any of her other family members, though. Maybe a conversation or two with Hope, but that's about it.

What I found a little out of place was having the discussion with Lucas and later Lucas and Caroline together. But I enjoyed the scenes.

As far as the EJami argument itself - I thoroughly enjoyed it and I thought it was some of the best work I've seen AS do in quite a long time. I really thought she made great choices - very little scrunchy face, she allowed us to see that Sami was both confused and hurt but more than anything concerned about the impact this would have on EJ and their family. She was pissy at times but for the most part I think she just couldn't understand his point of view - and I thought he did a pretty poor job of conveying it to her. She was absolutely right - EJ has lied to Stefano many times in the past so why would now be any different? She didn't have the advantage of seeing the emotional scene between Stefano and EJ and realizing just how hard it had been for EJ and how humiliating and emasculating it had been - even when he was angrily telling her that he'd groveled and begged. Part of me feels like a lot of the anger EJ directed at her in the fight is residual from how angry he's been since that confrontation with Stefano but has had no where he could direct it. I feel like now that they've both had the opportunity to cool down and process things a bit (with help from Caroline and Chad) they'll be better able to discuss their situation with one another's POV in mind. Kudos to the writing for setting that up so well.
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