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Oct 3 2013, 08:55 AM
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Do we trust what she says in person anymore than in tweets?? :shrug: Just asking.
I don't, lol. So watch it be something completely opposite of both reports!
I'm starting to believe the show has told them to deliberately mislead....there is too much going on lately to make me wonder. The AZ interview about the collar when set pics prove otherwise. KA taking pics with Rafe and rumors swirling about a story with him but somehow she flat out denies it and pitches it's a parenting issue with Ciara, which might very well include Rafe as the reason Ciara has issues.
Galen also answered a fan tweet asking if the pictures KA tweeted of them around Sept 30th were a hint of a Rafe/Hope pairing. His response was: "yes. But not necessarily an accurate one..."

It sounds to me like they are all just having some fun keeping the fans guessing.
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