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Oct 3 2013, 01:00 PM
Kayla coddling Daniel is pissing me off. For once, I want to someone to tell him that he is human (NOT perfect) and that he needs to mind his damn business. Worry about his own son and leave Jennifer's the hell alone. :flipoff:
The sympathy I might otherwise feel for Kayla is tempered by TIIC having her immediately prop Fetch and Daniel right after running away from JJ. Whom Kayla now refers to as "that boy" and whom she insists "has to" stop comparing Daniel to Jack because Daniel's "not a monster, and Jack was ... all too human." Newsflash, Dr. Johnson--JJ doesn't "have to" stop anything when it comes to Daniel vs. Jack. He has as much right to his feelings as you have to yours. As it is, neither of you is 100% right or 100% wrong--about either man.

The news that Daniel may be leaving to visit Melanie is welcome. I just wish I believed it was going to happen. And I'd be ecstatic if it were permanent, but I'd settle for him being offscreen for the duration of JJ's story.
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