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They really need to mention Eve in relation to Theresa. Hell, Eve even had a fake name when she arrived. Granted it was her last name, but still. Theresa even uses the same nicknames as Eve! And she's dead-on regarding Jenny and JJ.

Casey's been on fire the last two days. The look on his face after Kayla slipped had so much in it. Like, whoa, wait, this doesn't sound like anything I've heard before. Also, the flashback didn't feel like enough. Dear TPTB, new audiences don't necessarily not what happened. Though maybe they left it like that so new audiences could learn alongside JJ.

I was hysterical when Sami and Stefano were fighting over Wagner. I honestly wish that, instead of making them stay there, Stefano had kicked them out and cut EJ off. The problem being that he would want to be near his grandchildren. But even then, Stefano is so much better cut off from his family, because no matter how many times he claims to love his family, his actions speak louder and differently from those claims.

Anne, just let Daniel leave. Please.
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