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Kayla coddling Daniel is pissing me off. For once, I want to someone to tell him that he is human (NOT perfect) and that he needs to mind his damn business. Worry about his own son and leave Jennifer's the hell alone. :flipoff:
The sympathy I might otherwise feel for Kayla is tempered by TIIC having her immediately prop Fetch and Daniel right after running away from JJ. Whom Kayla now refers to as "that boy" and whom she insists "has to" stop comparing Daniel to Jack because Daniel's "not a monster, and Jack was ... all too human." Newsflash, Dr. Johnson--JJ doesn't "have to" stop anything when it comes to Daniel vs. Jack. He has as much right to his feelings as you have to yours. As it is, neither of you is 100% right or 100% wrong--about either man.

The news that Daniel may be leaving to visit Melanie is welcome. I just wish I believed it was going to happen. And I'd be ecstatic if it were permanent, but I'd settle for him being offscreen for the duration of JJ's story.
So wait? Kayla's not 100% right when she says that Daniel is not a monster and Jack was all too human? How is that out of line? How is that telling Daniel he is perfect? When has she EVER said he was perfect? Just because she's his friend has never meant that she thought he was perfect.

And sure, JJ has a right to his feelings but why is Kayla required to coddle them when they aren't based on the truth? Daniel is not, and has not been, the monster that JJ has painted him to be -- especially not to JJ. Jack was not perfect, was not a saint, and the pedestal that JJ has placed him on is not a place Jack would have ever been comfortable with.

Kayla has every right - in fact more right than anybody - to her feelings and, god forbid, to be human herself when it comes to her feelings about Jack. She's not the villain in this piece. She was the victim and if she wants to shout out what Jack did from the rooftops she has that right. It is not her duty or obligation to protect Jack's legacy by hiding the truth or coddling his son's na´ve view of the man. Yet, she's done that pretty much since the rape happened. She put her feelings aside so Steve could have a relationship with his brother, even to the point of letting her rapist be the best man at her wedding. And yet, she makes one slip and dares not to drink the Kool-Aid that Jack is awesome and Daniel is a monster and now she's the villain. Sorry, I don't buy it.
Who says Kayla has to "coddle" JJ's feelings about Jack? Why not simply accept that he feels differently about his father than she does, that he always will, that his feelings are no less valid than hers, and just leave it at that? Why does JJ "have to" stop comparing Jack and Daniel? And what gives Kayla or anyone else the right to decide that this is something he "has to" do? I don't see Kayla as the villain, much as I loathe that they made her Fetch-prop today, but I do see her overstepping the mark here. And going by the dialogue, it does look as if she came thisclose to saying Jack was a monster, before substituting the phrase "all too human" at the last minute. And "monster" is no more accurate a term for Jack than "saint." (Personally, I'd just call him a flawed man who worked hard to become a better man.) None of these characters belong on pedestals, though they don't necessarily deserve to be cast into outer darkness either. Although I wouldn't mind Daniel being cast into Outer Mongolia.
Because JJ's rants against Daniel are not based on anything that Daniel has actually done and the pedestal he put his father on is not based on reality either.

Look if JJ's dislike of Daniel was either based on something rational or less OTT and JJ didn't have Jack on a saintly pedestal (regardless of whether he knew about the rape or not), I'd agree with you. JJ's entitled to dislike Daniel and love his father. But, yes, when he's vilifying Daniel for no reason and painting his father to be a saint that he wasn't, I think Kayla has the right to tell him he's wrong. She sure as hell has the right to disagree with him and explain why she think's he's wrong.

And, more than any of that, she has an absolute right not to be perfect and objective when it comes to Jack. Just because they moved past the rape doesn't meant she's required to forget it, or not have any feelings about it. I find it strange that JJ is entitled to hate Daniel for little or no reason, but Kayla's feelings about Jack aren't valid because, well, it's been awhile and he said he was sorry. She was raped and she's entitled to have whatever feelings she wants about that -- including viewing (in that moment of emotion) Jack as a monster.
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