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Oct 3 2013, 06:27 PM
Oct 3 2013, 12:53 PM
Totally loving the Jennifer baiting, but it is feeling somewhat over the top - it really needs to be a more of a gradual destruction and needs to be more subtle.
The whole Theresa/ Anne thing is over the top and excruciatingly annoying. The whole thing is childish not to mention unrealistic. Who ever in HR would hire an employee just to make someone's life miserable? It's really a stupid storyline and even Jen doesn't deserve this shit. For Theresa to tell Jen how to raise her kid when she' s such a screw up herself is laughable. Theresa needs to straighten her own life and Anne needs to get one or disappear. :eyeroll: :flipoff:
Especially an employee who had already been fired from the company because of theft. So stupid.

Today's episode was boring except for the JJ and Kayla scenes and Stefano putting Sami in her place.

Don't give a rat's patoot about Abby and Cameron and why she is questioning him now...after she has slept with Chad.... about why he didn't have time for her. You wanted to be with Chad, so go be with him. All three characters are beginning to grate on my nerves.

The Jennifer and Theresa scenes were ok, but they went on way too long. Half of that would have been enough for today.
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