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the predator who screws his patients and who actively pursued another man's wife, believing himself entitled to her just because he wanted her
I watched Danloe and enjoyed it. In no way was it not a mutual attraction, or was Chloe (Lucas' wife of five minutes after they sexed each other up in an elevator during a power outage) Lucas' property to be taken.

I'm not a fan of everything Daniel has done, but I have never seen Daniel do anything comparable to raping a woman, imprisoning her and terrorizing her in her apartment, hiring goons to beat someone up, defunding public programs to toy with people he resented, or having industrial practices in his business that led to anyone's cancer. The worst thing I can think that Daniel did was lie in a professional hearing to protect a friend.
This is all true. I'm not a Dan fan (well, it's really more Fetch that I'm not a fan of), but just because Dan isn't a great character, it doesn't mean he's a bad guy. Yeah, he seems a little sleazy for getting it on with his patients, but by soap standards, that's pretty benign. I actually think he'd be a better soap character if he was as awful as some fans see him, LOL.
He'd be more interesting, in any case. And maybe the insane, over-the-top propping would stop. Or it could be revealed as a disorder caused by drugs Daniel was slipping into the Salem water supply. Daniel, to me, is a textbook example of how a character doesn't have to be an outright villain or a criminal to be totally unrootable, unsympathetic, and unappealing. He's neither strongly good, nor compellingly bad. His vices are just sleazy enough to be consistently off-putting, and his virtues--such as they are--are too anemic to counteract the sleaziness. As it stands, he's not a villain, but he's sufficiently amoral that I could picture him sort of oozing insidiously over the line that separates good guys from bad guys. He wouldn't fall from grace--he'd slither from it.
Daniel's fatal flaw is that he is a mediocre C-character at best that the writers seem to have a hard-on for. He's dull, he has little chemistry with anyone, and no amount of shoving him into everyone's faces nonstop is going to make that different.

I almost wish they WOULD make him complex enough to do some bad guy stuff because honestly, it'd make him 20 times more interesting.

The scenes with MBE and CM were excellent. MBE is a master of subtlety in expression, and today was no different than her usual awesomeness.

Here's the thing - just because SC isn't on the screen at the time doesn't mean the writers aren't making it about Daniel. I'm not holding my breath waiting for this not to be a propfest when all is said and done. If it isn't, I'll be the first one to admit it, but I'm still VERY skeptical at this point, especially since there hasn't been a scene yet where Daniel's name isn't mentioned.
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