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Oct 3 2013, 07:24 PM
Oct 3 2013, 06:33 PM
I don't think that Dan is a bad guy nor do I really hate him. I more hate that someone got the idea to take a slightly above average actor, with slightly above average looks (IMO) and tried to force him into a lead role by way of absurdly over favorable writing when he is much more suited as a supporting player. I didn't even mind Fetch at first until they started heavily handed tipping the scales in his favor. He does not have the charisma or screen presence to pull this off.
The trail of death and destruction left in Fetch's wake is what did it for me.

Jack died so Daniel could benefit. (No more husband, father of Jennifer's children, long history for him to contend with.)

Nicole's baby died so Jennifer could benefit. (No more godson, paternity secret, lasting personal tie between Nicole and Daniel for her to contend with.)

That's two huge strikes against them already. The sheer number of characters tossed under the bus after that took care of the third strike, and the carnage continues to this day. At this point, I wonder if TIIC have taken to sacrificing farm animals on the night of the full moon to keep Fetch going.
Nicole's baby also died so Ej and Sami could be together with him having no ties to Nicole. An Ejole baby would have caused countless issues that these writers didn't want to deal with.
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