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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepIaudience. Which is more the fault of TPTB, but I tend to find all characters less sympathetic when they push Daniel at me, not just Kayla. It's as obnoxious as a door-to-door salesman who just Won't. Go. Away.
I saw it as Kayla trying to get JJ to go home or talk to his Mom. JJ's the one making it about Daniel and how he'll never take his father's place, even though that's not what Daniel is trying to do. Kayla tried to reason with him that Daniel is not the problem here and that is when she let it slip about Jack not being so perfect. I didn't see it as Daniel propping either but then again neither do I dislike his character to the point of getting pissed every time someone mentions his name. I don't see any of JJ's problems as being Daniel's fault and Kayla has every right to feel the way she does about Jack.
Kayla's right to whatever feelings she has about Jack is not under debate. But neither should JJ's feelings about his father--or Daniel for that matter--be under debate. And I maintain that it's not anyone else's place to change this kid's mind or heart about either man. From a storytelling standpoint, I'm more concerned that no one in JJ's family has managed to get through to him because no one's asking the right questions. Namely, why are you doing this? And just what are you trying to accomplish by doing this? Too much attention is being paid to the behavior, and not the reasons for it. The symptoms are being treated, instead of the disease. And I doubt the emerging sturm und drang about Jack's past is going to change that approach, I'm sorry to say.
I like this post.

Somebody needs to get through to JJ. He doesn't have to love Daniel, but it would be better for him if he'd stop using Daniel as his excuse for treating his mom the way he has.

I just hope Daniel isn't in this anymore.
I agree that it's not healthy for JJ to be so fixated on Daniel. Hey, it's not healthy for anyone to be so fixated on Daniel, so when can they implement a 12-step program for the 90% of Salem obsessed with the Orange One and his on-again, off-again relationship with Jennifer? Kidding aside, though, JJ needs redirection and a whole lot of attention that he should have gotten from his mother after his father's death. As it is, it's painful to see Jennifer's ineffectuality as a parent brought to light. Her combination of hand-wringing, scolding, shaming, and lamenting how JJ's not the sweet little boy who loved her (self-centered, much? It's not all about you, Jen-Jen.) would be ineffective on a pet rock. What I think could work is have one of his relatives buck Jennifer's edict about not giving him a place to stay but insist that he actively work for his room and board. Give him a strict schedule, stay around to make sure he does what he's supposed to do, lay down a no-tolerance policy when it comes to drugs, keep him too busy to get into trouble, and above all, talk to him and get to know the person he is now, instead of idly wishing for him to go back to being the person he was before.
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