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Oct 4 2013, 12:09 AM
Overall, I enjoyed the JJ/Kayla scenes (both episodes).

I did miss Kayla's natural motherly persona at the very beginning of the encounter (on Wednesday?), which I suppose is all part of the tough love rule I keep waiting for one family member to crack on (C'mon Unle Lucas!) . . . the rest was really good.

I mean, Kayla would like Daniel because they're friends and colleges or whatnot . . . then JJ's rant was rapidly escalating into irrational "teenage angst". I thought the build was solid because there was a distinctive parallel between he and Jack, who also had a habit of not immediately accepting blame and lashing out where Kayla was concerned. What he feels makes sense from my viewing standpoint, but on paper, I wouldn't expect most characters to appreciate his continuously blaming Daniel over everything gone wrong, either. He needs maybe one ally in the family, just not Aunt Kay . . .

She obviously only slipped because he was unknowingly provoking her at that moment, just like I had hoped . . . and she immediately regretted it, which I thought was perfect . . . and the flashback was intense. I'm glad the show just dropped the ambiguity right there and MBE was awesome playing out all the different beats.

Loved the sweet scenes where Abigail shared Jack's novel; definitely the calm before the storm. Abigail clearly knows about the rape (which is news . . . to us all!), but I'm growing on the idea that it may be a necessary balance in this case. Maybe.

I do however wish Kayla's necessary post-argument reaction was expressed through a conversation with Caroline, Adrienne or Hope.
I would have loved that! Would STILL love it.

I wish. I hope.
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