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Oct 4 2013, 12:08 AM
The problem I have with it is that Kayla is supposed to just shut up about it for everyone else's sake...part of me really respects that. Another part of me hates it, because it's like Kayla doesn't count.

Jack's memory counts. JJ counts. But Kayla? Not so much. She's supposed to maintain her silence forever, and the fact that she slipped in this situation is looked at only in the context of how it might affect JJ and his memories of his dad.

That's a shame. And you know how she's gonna feel about this...terrible. Probably guilty. She'll think she should have just swallowed it all down again. Protected everyone else.

Just watch.

I hope JJ isn't the only one who gets any concern here.
I think part of the reason it bothers me, too, is because it's an echo.

When Steve found out Jack was Billy and that he was dying, Steve dumped Kayla because Jack loved her. Steve left her in the dark, bewildered. He hoped she'd turn to Jack, who needed her, and she did.

I felt it was like she didn't count then. Jack counted. He was the priority. Kayla wasn't.

With Jack, Kayla didn't count, either. He "loved" her, but he didn't know or care about her dreams, only his own. She counted later, when Jack grew up some, but for a long time, she didn't.

She was even supposed to live in the Deveraux house. She didn't mind, did she? Jack asked, assuming she'd be fine with it.

And now, for Jack's son, she tries to cover her slip, because JJ counts. She's standing there remembering one of the worst, most traumatic moments of her life, and she has to protect JJ.

She doesn't count, once again.

Or does she?
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