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Director: Grant A. Johnson
Scriptwriter: Melissa Salmons

Segment 1: EJ and Sami meet up at the park. EJ lays it on thick about he felt when she walked out. Sami is going to explain what happened and what is going to happen. EJ - I won't give up on us.

Chad comes downstairs to find Stefano in the living room. Stefano asks how his room is. It's fine. Stefano welcomes him home.

Abby thought they were friends. Cam says they are. Abby wants the whole truth then.

Maggie joins up with Dan and Parker at the pub. Maggie asks how Jen is. Dan has a proposition for her.

Theresa wonders why Jen throws away all the hot men in her life. I guess someone has to pick them up. Jen - You listen and you listen hard.

JJ looks at Kayla. What do you know about my dad? Why does it sound so bad? Cue f/b of Jack raping Kayla.

Stefano is glad Elvis talked Chad into coming home. Chad makes it clear this isn't his home. I'll try. Stefano - Don't tell me you're disappointed in your decision. Chad - It wasn't my decision. EJ didn't leave me with much choice.

Cam - I don't know what you want me to say. Abby - Tell me the thing you've been trying not to say. Cue f/b of Cam asking Chad why he hasn't told Abigail he's sick. Cam - I'm not sure what you mean. Abby - Your work. You said that was your focus. That we could be friends only because you didn't have time for a relationship. Cam - Right. Abby - So why the lie? Cam protests. Abby - Please! 'Cause now all of a sudden you have time to date Gabi Hernandez but you don't have time to date me.

Jen - You want to get a rise out of me about Daniel. You need to do better then the childish attempt you just made. Theresa - You know younger works for him just so you know ... Jen laughs. No, because he doesn't use children the way you do. My son is a very confused young man and he's going through a tough time. And you will stay away from him and let him heal. You are the last thing he needs in his life right now.

Kayla - I'm sorry JJ. JJ - What about my Dad were you going to say? Kayla - I shouldn't have said anything. I shouldn't have said ... JJ - But what were you going to say! Kayla - I was just going to say that I am ... that I'm just frustrated ... frustrated with you. You need to patch things up with your mom. JJ - Aunt Kayla, this is the first time in my whole life that I've ever thought this ... you are lying to me!

Segment 2: Daniel would like to take Parker to Europe to visit with Melanie and he thinks it would be great if Maggie came too. Maggie - A family reunion. She would love to be a part of it. When are you going to go? Dan - As soon as possible. Maggie - That sounds like running more than a vacation. Dan - No. The holidays are coming. I want to see Mel. Maggie - Or you don't want to be here alone. You don't want to be here without Jennifer.

Theresa scoffs. You think I'm your son's problem! I'm exactly the kind of friend he needs right now. Jen - But deep down you know that's not true. You are no good for JJ or anybody, including yourself, especially yourself actually. Theresa - You don't get to judge me. Jen - I'm not. I'm watching you and you are drowning and you grab on to anyone to try and stay afloat but you end up dragging them down with you. I feel sorry for you. I really, really do but I will not let you pull my boy under. She walks away. Theresa follows Jen into her office. You are dead wrong. You don't know a thing about me or your son. You're the last thing that JJ needs.

JJ - You weren't about to tell me to go home. It was something about Dad and something that made him look bad next to Daniel. Kayla - I'm not here to try and sell Daniel to you. I wouldn't do that. JJ - So you wouldn't say that Dad was always running off and leaving Mom on her own with us. He had this thing where he would take off on some adventure and I know that Mom and Abigail resented it. But I get it especially being around this town. It's real hard to breathe here. Kayla - Give it a chance, a real chance. I've got to go. JJ - Not until you get it all out. Kayla - What? JJ - Is that all you want to tell me about Dad or is there more?

Cam - Gabi and I are just friends. Abby - You're not dating. Cam - It's not a big deal. There's no reason to be jealous. Abby isn't jealous. I'm with Chad now and I'm really happy. And I'm happy for Gabi too. She deserves to have someone fun in her life right now. Cam - Then what's the problem? Abby - You are the problem. You should have just been honest with me. If you weren't interested in me that way you could have just said that. Cam - I couldn't say that because it wasn't true.

Stefano - Family can be very compelling. Chad - Especially this family; we compel each other a lot. Stefano - Only for the greater good. Chad - That's an interesting interpretation of what EJ did with me. Stefano thought he would be here by now. Chad says he went to find Sami. It seems they had a minor disagreement about where to live. Stefano - Don't worry, they'll both be back here very soon.

EJ won't let Sami talk. He tells her there's a way to insulate her from his father. Sami disagrees. EJ insists there's a way he can make her safe; make sure that she doesn't suffer. Sami tells him they have to stop putting themselves through this misery. EJ is being mindful of the situation. Sami snaps - You are second guessing me. You have to stop. EJ knows how she feels. Sami claims he doesn't. Sami tells him to shut up for a second and give her a chance. She's embarrassed for walking out on him. He doesn't have to beg her to come back; she's not going to let him live there on his own.

Segment 3: Sami admits she panicked. She was desperate for things to be normal for them. She wanted the world to stop intruding. So does EJ. The only reason Sami could hope for that was because of him. You fought so long and so hard to get out from under Stefano and you did it on your terms. You won. Then you gave it all up for me. How could I walk away from you when you did that for me. Sorry. EJ knows how difficult it is for her to consider living in the mansion. Sami - Not as difficult as it is for you. The idea of you having to live there with your father ... I'm not going to leave you alone in there. It doesn't matter where we are or who else is there as long I have you I don't care. Nobody else matters to me.

Stefano tells Chad to join him in a game of chess. Chad turns him down. Stefano asks - How is Abigail. Chad - She's good. Stefano - And Cameron, is he still a problem? Chad - How ... Never mind ... It shouldn't surprise me that you know. Stefano has to know what is going on with his children all the time. So, do you need help with Cameron? Chad - No. He's backed off.

Abby - I don't understand. Cam - Maybe I wasn't being real clear. I am putting my career first. I felt that we could only be friends for now. Abby - For now. Cam - Why are we having this conversation? You said it yourself. You're with Chad and you're happy and I'm happy for you. Okay? He leaves. Abby - How is men not a 4 letter word. She gets a text from Chad and pulls her Dad's book out of purse then leaves.

Kayla - JJ, I didn't come here to talk about your Dad at all. Listen, your whole family is just worried sick about you. They don't know where you are. If you're on the street; even if you have a place to sleep. So call your mom okay! I've got to go. As she leaves Rory walks up. Hey dude, I've found refuge. JJ - What? Rory - A place to stay tonight. What's wrong? JJ - Nothing.

Dan wants Parker to meet his big sister, that's all. Maggie - You're sure. Anne sits at the bar and eavesdrops. Maggie - You may be trying here but you don't seem very happy these days. Talk to me. Dan - There's not much to say. It seems no matter what I do with Jennifer and JJ it is the wrong thing. Maggie asks if Jen feels he same way. Dan - Yes, it's mutual. Maggie - It's very clear to me that you still love Jennifer and yet for this time in all this round and round I get the feeling that you really are letting her go. Dan - I am. I don't want to but it's the only thing I can do. So how about it? Family reunion; please just think about it. Maggie - I'll talk to Victor and see what he's got going the next few months. Anne leaves.

Theresa - You have no idea what a drag you are to everyone around you. When I first met JJ he was so cute. He was so proud to bring me home. He was trying to impress me. He wanted to show me how great he actually is but then you walked in and treated him like he was 12 yrs old. You humiliated him. Jen protests. Theresa - I saw his face and he talked to me about it afterward. You make him feel so small. It's like you don't even see him for who he really is. Jen - That's enough! Theresa - He told me all you care about is yourself and getting on with your own life. And he even told me that you didn't even offer to let him come home after his Dad died. Jen - I'm not going to discuss my personal life with you. Theresa - God forbid you take the time to talk about your own son. You know what, JJ is doing just fine without you. Jen - Perhaps by your standards ... Theresa - He is! He never intended to live the way that you've wanted him to. It was all an act and he put it on for as long as he could. He was so proud of how he fooled you. We used to laugh about it. But you know what the sad part is, even after all that deep down inside he still loved you and what he really needed was for you to love him back but you weren't there. Jen - Unreal! Theresa - JJ was heartbroken over his Dad and you weren't there. Jen - You shut up. Just shut your mouth.

Segment 4: Jen - I am not going to stand here and listen to this garbage. You know nothing about JJ's father or JJ. Theresa - Well I know this. JJ hates you now. Jen - You stay away from him or the trouble that you've had so far is going to look like a vacation at the beach. Are we clear?

EJ still wants to go to Chicago with her and the kids. Sami thinks they should go to Stefano's and talk to him and lay down some ground rules. I know what you promised but you didn't promise that I would be happy about it and be all sweetness and light.

Stefano tries to convince Chad to play chess; you need the skills. Chad doesn't need the ruthlessly destroy your enemy kind of skills. Stefano is dubious. You eliminated your rival for Abigail, yes? Chad - Not like ... Stefano - The DiMera's? Chad - You're right, I did it without evening blinking. I am a DiMera. Stefano - Smile when you say it. Be proud! Chad - That may take another day or two.

Abby sees JJ in the park. Hey squirt. JJ - How old do I have to be before you knock that off. Abby - Not possible. You'll always be squirt. JJ - If that's your way of getting me back home ... Abby - Actually that's not why I'm here. She pulls out Jack's book. JJ grabs it. It doesn't come out until later this week. JJ - Seriously. How come I didn't know about this. Abby - I didn't know the release date myself. There's always such a big timeline in publishing. JJ - So it's in stores right now. Abby - Later this week. This is an advance copy. JJ - We've got to buy every copy in town; drive the sales up. Abby - If we do that nobody's going to read it. JJ - No, we can give it to people. I want to send out a copy to everyone from school. Abby - I know what you mean. I want to do the same thing. I want everyone that I know to read it. JJ - It's like this piece of Dad. It will be here for a hundred years, maybe longer. He won't be forgotten. Abby - That was never a question JJ. JJ - They'll know what kind of man he was. They'll remember him. Abby - We hope so. Wait until you read it though. I'm telling you, you're going to hear Dad all over again. It's amazing. It's like you're right there at the dinner table. You just finished your meal and you're listening to him ... JJ - Go on and on. Abby - Yes! JJ - He's a great storyteller, huh. Abby - Yeah. Now he always will be. He hands her the book. Abby pushes it back - It's yours.

Jen - You need to get out of my office right now. Theresa picks up the press release on Dan. I feel bad for you so before I go ... Jen - If you say one more word to me about my son ... Theresa - No, it's not about JJ. It's about Daniel.

Segment 5: Stefano has his music on very loudly when EJ and Sami come in. He welcomes them home. Sami turns off the music. She just has a few things to say to him. I will live here but my kids and I are not going to be showing up at the dinner table every night. They have a schedule and we have lives. And I'd like to talk about this music. Stefano turns it on again. This is music that I love. If you do not learn to like it then wear an ear plug. You do not dictate to me.

Jen - I'm not buying it Theresa because Daniel is way too smart to get involved with you in any way. Theresa - You go with that. That's a great shot but I think you should have used that surfing one of him. You know the one by the door. Then you could have moved it to the sofa and done a casual at home shoot. It's a great couch, isn't it. Plenty of room for 2 people to stretch out on. Oh gosh, there is nothing like the feel of soft leather on bare skin, you know.

Dan tells Parker to have fun with Grandma. They exchange hugs and kisses. Kayla rushes up behind the bar - Hey, have you seen my mom. The bartender tells her that she and Lucas took Sami's kids to the park. Kayla - Thanks. I won't go back there. She sighs. Dan walks up. You're having one of those days too. Are you alright?

JJ - Thanks. Seriously, you have no idea how much this means to me especially on a day like today. Abby - Why today? JH - Can I ask you a question. I know that Dad did some sketchy stuff in his life but did he ever do something that was like off the charts bad? Abby - Where's all this coming from? JJ - I had a weird conversation with Aunt Kayla about Dad and stuff that he did.

Segment 6: Stefano - I will see you and the entire family for dinner. Sami - Did you not hear me say ... Stefano - Dinner will be at 8:30. Salut. He leaves. Sami shuts the music off and throws a tantrum. EJ - We are never going to beat him by facing him head on. Sami is just getting warmed up.

Cam runs into Chad in the square. They talk about the benefits of the juice Chad bought at the health food store. Cam rattles off the benefits; Chad says yeah, that's what my doctor said. Cam asks if his doctor is from L.A. Chad - Why? Cam - I was poking around on the internet. Are you sure they're giving you polyseephin. Chad - Yeah, why? Cam - That's interesting because from what I've found those trials are only happening in L.A.

Abby - What did Aunt Kayla say exactly? JJ - Not much but she got mad when I was comparing Dad and Jonas and what a loser Jonas was. And then she blurted out that Dad wasn't a saint and that she should know. She didn't say anything else but she was jumpy. Abby - Well Dad wasn't a saint JJ and everybody is jumpy right now because we don't want you to end up some homeless person in a park. It's supposed to rain tonight. Where are you going to sleep tonight? Do you have any idea. JJ - Don't worry about it. Abby - Well I won't worry about it if you come home. JJ - I can't deal with mom; not yet. Thanks for the book. It's exactly what I needed. So about Dad ... Abby - No, not about Dad. You need to be thinking about Mom. I get that you need your space and your time but use it. We want you home. We both do. Take care. She kisses his cheek and leaves.

Dan - What's wrong? Kayla - I ran into JJ in the park. Dan - Yeah, that's where he hangs out. Kayla - Apparently it's his only known address at this point. Dan - What happened? Did he give you lots of attitude? Kayla - Well he's got a lot of bad attitude especially about you. Dan - Yeah, well I'm the problem in case you haven't heard. Kayla - Not even close. Dan - I hope you didn't try and defend me 'cause that would only make things worse with him. Kayla - You didn't do anything wrong.

Theresa - Sorry to disappoint you but Daniel's human and I know how to make men happy. You should try it sometime. Jen - You know it's really sad, the way you operate because I believe you have potential. As lousy a job as you did working for me, I saw it. You have a brain and if you would have used it and taken advantage of all the chances that were offered to you and worked really hard you could have shined. I really believe that. But right now you are wasting everyone's time including yours and you will never really get what you want that way. Theresa - We'll see about that.

Segment 7: Chad - Your information is faulty. Besides, my name is DiMera; sometimes you get special treatment. Cam - I thought you didn't want your family to know. Chad - I didn't but then EJ figured it out. Cam - That's good. You needed someone to talk to. Chad - Now I have him. I moved into the mansion. He'll be right there so please leave this alone. I don't want anyone else to know. Cam - I have to protect your privacy and I promise you I will. Chad - Good.

Sami continues complaining. EJ says she'll never win by getting in his face. Sami wants to put Stefano on notice. She's not going to pretend to be a shadow in this house and she's not going to let him treat EJ like a slave. EJ - He doesn't. He's grateful to have me here. Sami is worried about EJ being sucked back in. EJ insists he'll be fine. We just have to give him the illusion of a family. He won't know the difference if we're smart. Sami thinks that's his way of telling her she has to make nice. EJ won't tell her what she should or should not do. He's very grateful she and the children are there. He couldn't do it without her. Sami whines that they almost had it all. EJ - We did and we'll have it again. It's just a matter of time.

Anne and Theresa are at the club. Anne tells her that Dan and Jen are definitely over. She heard him talking to his Mom at the pub. He was waxing on about his kids and leaving town. Theresa - He can't do that. It would ruin everything. Anne knows - she was just telling her how over their relationship is. Theresa - Jen's not over him. She would not be happy if Dr. Dan was with another woman especially someone so unworthy. Anne - Forget it. He used to be a player but now he's Dudley-Do-Right. You ain't going to get him. Theresa - I don't have to get him in bed; I just need Jen to think that I did.

Abby is in Jen's office. He's in the park. I got an advance copy of Dad's book from a friend and I took it to him. I was hoping that JJ would be reminded of home and it would make him miss us a lot more than he wanted to be mad. Jen - Did it work? Abby - I don't know. He's still thinking about it. Jen - Okay, thanks for telling me. Abby - That's not what I wanted to talk to you about. Jen - What is it?

Kayla - You have every right to be with Jen and that boy needs to stop what he's doing in comparing you to Jack. Dan - I get it. He misses his Dad and nobody measures up. Kayla - You're not a monster and Jack was ... well he's just all to human. Dan - Kayla, what is it? Kayla - I'm late for work. She leaves.

JJ is reading his dad's book. Rory comes up. We're all set. It's Jessie's cousin's friend's sun room. It has a futon and a sleeping bag but it will be dry. Are you reading a book? JJ - Yeah, my Dad wrote it. It comes out this week. It's about his time in Afghanistan. Rory - Whoa, that's intense. That explains it. JJ - What? Rory - The look. JJ - Nah, it's just ... Rory - What? JJ - Something happened when my Dad was alive dude. Rory - Okay. JJ - No, it's not. I don't know what went down but it definitely was not okay. Rory - And you don't know what. JJ - Not yet but I'll find out.

Abby - JJ's asking a lot of questions about Dad. Jen - That's not really surprising with his book coming out. Abby - No. Mom, JJ's asking questions about Dad and Aunt Kayla.

Note: No recap Friday as we will be out of town today and tomorrow.
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