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Oct 4 2013, 03:52 AM
Oct 4 2013, 12:18 AM
Oct 4 2013, 12:08 AM
The problem I have with it is that Kayla is supposed to just shut up about it for everyone else's sake...part of me really respects that. Another part of me hates it, because it's like Kayla doesn't count.

Jack's memory counts. JJ counts. But Kayla? Not so much. She's supposed to maintain her silence forever, and the fact that she slipped in this situation is looked at only in the context of how it might affect JJ and his memories of his dad.

That's a shame. And you know how she's gonna feel about this...terrible. Probably guilty. She'll think she should have just swallowed it all down again. Protected everyone else.

Just watch.

I hope JJ isn't the only one who gets any concern here.
I agree with you - Kayla's feelings should count and it would be great if the show would revisit it but they won't because it's not Kayla they're concerned with it - only JJ. CM said that himself.
It is the writers' fault. I feel Kayla is being used as nothing more than a mouthpiece voicing how she feels without any follow through for her. The revelation shifted too quickly to JJ and his issues which is basically that his father is a better man than Daniel whom he sees as a usurper of Jack's place in the Deveraux and now that he knows about the rape he's forced to rethink what he's believed all his life. Jennifer's absenteeism in parenting JJ since hooking up with Daniel is shocking. Her son needed her more than Daniel. She's basically fostered the environment where JJ acts out in anger and frustration. Kayla does have every right to feel as she does and should not be made into a villain for telling the truth. Jack's son should know who his father was, the good the bad and the ugly and Jennifer should have at least tried to deal with her son the moment she became aware of his problems. She's put Kayla in a very awkward position. I blame Jennifer and even Jack for this mess, they kept a tragically destructive family secret instead of being open with JJ. I'm not going to count Abby since she knows apparently and is well adjusted.

This story, potentially is a goldmine for MEB, CM and it would've been for KM, MR, JE and MA had he not been axed so shockingly and SN. Leave Daniel out of it but Daniel will be smack in the middle of JJ's new crisis. This is sadly how this show operates. I want more from this story than JJ continuing on his destructive path because he no longer has the one thing that sustained him only to have Daniel save him, not his family.
I think it's a pity that the whole situation is being set up as an "either/or" one. While both Kayla and JJ have a right to their respective feelings and it wouldn't be appropriate for one to impose his or her viewpoint on the other as the One True Way to feel/think about someone, the storytelling would be more even-handed if Kayla was allowed to turn to her own support system for comfort and guidance in this crisis. Silence should not be her only option, when she has family and friends in town who could provide a shoulder or a sympathetic ear. And I include Jennifer among those friends, despite her being Jack's widow and JJ's mother. (Back in the day, Jennifer had the wisdom to stay out of the volatile Jack and Kayla situation and not insist that Kayla forgive Jack just because Jennifer was falling for him.) So there should have been some dialogue going on between them right away about what had almost happened and what should be done about it. Instead, there's going to be a conspiracy of silence that will ultimately benefit nobody and probably cause more damage than an honest but still controlled discussion would have.
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