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BJ Deveraux
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Oct 3 2013, 11:55 PM
While I totally accept the point that being raped is never going to be forgotten by Kayla, it is wrong for the writers to bring it up without also bringing up the letter that Kayla wrote in Jack's defence (when Harper died). The letter was integral to understanding Kayla's point of view- her pain and her forgiveness. The letter also was intended to show that Jack had changed in so many ways and his remorse and atonement. Jack's memory deserves his son to at least read the letter but the writers want to use the rape as a simple plot device to further JJ's anger when in actuality it was one of the best stories ever told (and acted) in soap history.
Right, I read in spoilers where JJ finds documents pertaining to the trial at the Horton house. Totally contrived. I would find it much more believable if he were to come across the newspaper with that letter from Kayla in it. If any documentation of that dark period exists in Jennifer's house I would think it would be that, not court transcripts from a trial that occurred before her relationship with Jack. I hope the spoilers were wrong because evidence of a rape trial is not scrapbook worthy. I realize the paper with Kayla's letter to the editor is not either, but it's easier to believe Jennifer would have kept it.

I am certainly not going to get into the debate about who is right because I doubt anyone thinks Kayla "got over" the trauma of her attack or that she should. This is actually a great story we should all just be enjoying for the sake of its drama and long overdue. I mean, we actually got a FLASHBACK from 1987 (or 88, I forget)... That's awesome storytelling for a change. Love it!
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