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I'm seriously loving Jerry and Dr. O. Now these are some fun crazies to watch!

So glad to see feisty Robin back. This is why her and Patrick worked - she didn't take any of his macho crap and gave it right back.

Love, love, love that Robert Scorpio is back and he remembered seeing Robin alive. :wub:

Ava/Morgan and Michael/Kiki are both vomit inducing. How nice that the saints known as Michael and Kiki waited a whole week before boinking. :x Way to go Michael, you just screwed your brother's wife. I hope to heaven that the slut doesn't get pregnant and we are stuck with a WTD with Morgan and Michael.

Baby Connie (sigh), such a precious little baby. I have a feeling she will go back to her bio parents and if she does, I hope they change her name STAT!
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