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Oct 4 2013, 01:26 PM
I have to agree with whoever said Kayla does owe Jen and explanation. Under no circumstances is it Kayla's decision to tell JJ about the rape. She's not his parent. She's his aunt. Even just a slip is inappropriate enough to warrant the apology. I'm glad the writers for this episode gave some good meaty stuff, including Kayla having a chance to be like 'Whoa, where did that even come from?', because its been about 25 years. As a victim of rape, no matter how much time has passed, Kayla owes zero explanations to anyone about feeling the way she feels. That is entirely separate from her slipping like that. I'm glad this scriptwriter, whoever it was, gave good accordance to everything that needed to be regarding Kayla, her role then, and her role now.

JJ looking into Spectator records was nice. I would have liked it more if he was such a dog with a bone that he showed up at the Spectator and tried to use his dad's name to get to the older papers, but was turned away by a new hard-ass of an owner. Also, did anyone else think its odd that, amid the publicity for the book, no other papers have dug up dirt?

Jennifer and Abigail. If we were going to be robbed of the initial conversation, I'm glad they discussed today, at least. I'm also glad Jack was apparently there for it. And Jennifer has already talked about how it was Jack's greatest regret. What happened to the redemption being forgotten...? :)

JJ and Adrienne was fantastic. I loved the sneaky way he came at the Jack/Kayla stuff and how upset it made Adrienne, Jack's sister, Kayla's best friend once upon a time, and a victim of rape herself. Her racing mind was palatable. Loved the saucer crash, even though I saw it coming from miles away.
So, Keith...are you telling me Kayla is NOT a bystander in her own story today? She's getting a chance to voice a few things?
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