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Oct 4 2013, 05:48 PM
I can't say enough about how phenomenal Judi Evans is as an actress. You could see it wasn't just about Jack and was about their father raping her also. That should be brought up and have JJ deal with could he be the third generation.
Do you think Kayla and Adrienne will have a talk about that? I mean, Duke raped Adrienne, and his son Jack raped Kayla.

They never talked about what Jack did back in the day. Adrienne talked about it with Steve, but that was before she found out that Jack was her brother, Billy.

I mean, obviously, Adrienne would still have feelings about what happened to her, and so does Kayla. Who better to understand how buried feelings bubble up to the surface sometimes?

Steve was five years old and Billy was a baby when their mom, Jo, put them in the orphanage. Billy was adopted by Harper Deveraux soon after that. Steve never did get adopted.

Adrienne was born after her big brothers were given away. She went looking for Steve when she grew up.
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