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LOL I laughed at her perfect manicure as well. However, they are missing out on a lot of key points. If you are going to make a series based on history, do it right and Phillipa Gregory writes historical fiction. There are much more to Elizabeth's family. One of her brothers became a bishop almost as soon as she had the crown on her head. Jaquetta and Elizabeth made royal matches for their families so that they could have more allies and have them be advantageous towards them. Anthony went off to Scotland with her son Edward and was head of the privy council there.

Edward had many whores, yes, but he never kept them in the castles. He had them in houses near him. He didn't want to hurt Elizabeth because he loved her very much. She knew of them, but she didn't have to see them which suited her just fine. And yes remarkably she had only a few miscarriages because she always seemed to be pregnant. She did give birth in Westminster Abbey where she went to seek sanctuary against Warwick (who played Cromwell in The Tudors and he is so good at playing loathsome characters)

Now onto another note, recently the remains of Richard the Third were found under a parking lot in Leichester County England. Those remains are of Richard, who is Edward's brother. Also found near the remains were his flag, the armor that they wore then and other artifacts that were traced back to that time period.

Sorry I am such a geek and I love this kind of stuff.
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