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I enjoyed the premiere a lot. Hopefully a sign of good things to come. New villains, Elena embracing her vampirism. It can only go up from season 4. (A friend of mine put it best: Elena finally gets a personality and they're doing everything they can to cure it)

I'm glad Klaus is gone, he ran out of steam ages ago. Worked great as a 2nd season big-bad but became totally diluted by the 4th season. It was really inevitable. They setup this immensely powerful and evil villain but how do you keep them at that level and also keep them on full time because they happen to find a great actor they want to keep? I haven't watched the Originals yet but am looking forward to it, and Klaus free to be Klaus.

The only Original I'll really miss is Rebekha, they finally figure out something for Matt to do and they ship her off to a spinoff.

And I really wish the show would just cut it's losses with the Tyler character once and for all. So useless, with such a dull actor, and has no chemistry with Caroline. Leave him wherever he is.
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