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I may actually miss the whole three amigos thing going on with Gabi/Will/Sonny raising baby Arianna; really cute. However, I'm not down for writing Nick into another corner . . . he's still weirdly obsessive and unstable (all of which Blake Berris plays very well) . . . but was he not supposed to turn a corner after we found out what happened in prison? I thought he would slowly be redeemed and become a better version of the lovable nerd we used to root for. That's what I want.

Jennifer should just take a leave of absence if she's not planning to be at work until JJ is back home. I loved that Kayla came by to explain what happened; not necessarily because she owes Jennifer one but because she cares about everyone involved, and because she senses her comment will likely be the reason her nephew finds out an ugly truth about Jack. Kind of like what MBE said in her interview, Kayla would probably take this to the grave where the children were concerned, and that was reinforced today. There was a good balance of understanding between them and Jennifer's protectiveness over her son. And I'm relieved that Jennifer isn't just waiting and hoping for the best, instead taking initiative in deciding to handle telling him herself, now. Too bad Adrienne wasn't privy to this little family meeting (wouldn't that have been so great?), because she could certainly use a little help . . .

I got a kick out of JJ trying to manipulate Adrienne into telling him the truth, but I think she could have held herself together a little better. If he didn't already suspect the secret was huge, he certainly does now! I do wonder what kind of conversations they will have after he already knows: if she'll tell him about her own experiences with Duke Johnson and how Jack also struggled to deal with the crimes of his two fathers as much as his own. Seeing how JJ never got to read Jack's book, I hope he'll finally be able to once he learns to accept and forgive, and be able to follow his father's journey through the end.

Theresa and Anne would be pathetic if they weren't so entertaining, lol. Though I could care less about Theresa trying to make Jennifer jealous, I do love how she relentlessly tries to get under everyone's skin.

I laughed so hard when Benardi's widow yelled "Murderer!" as Sami and EJ took a walk. Never gets old.
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