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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

GH has really been EXCELLENT of late. I can't wait to watch it daily.

It was great to see Robin this week...but today was great...she knocked that bitch out ....I thought she was going to push her head into the microscope..that would have been even better!

Anyway...Hello Robert Scorpio....nice to see you again.....the scenes where he slowly put the pieces together to end in the cliffhanger that he remembered Robin was alive and told Ana was all a good soap is made of. Intrigue, build ups, reveals...IDK but I've always enjoyed my soaps when they were a bit on the camp side....something about that just makes the show fun....too much can ruin it but I don't think this is too much. If anything, I expected something like this.....and they delivered.

Patrick's flashback of his wedding to Robin was precious....maybe you shouldn't have taken off that ring...something tells me you won't have it off for long....next week will be even better...will Ana tell Patrick that Robert saw Robin alive a year or so ago? Or will Ana just go and pursue this on her own? Hmmm...

I'm am really loving Britt and Nik, wonderful side story to get them close and then the love will blossom.

IDK, I still don't get grossed out by Kiki and Michael....IDK why but I'm fine with them...won't ever ship em or anything but they are not that disgusting to me.
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