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Oct 4 2013, 10:37 PM
Oct 4 2013, 10:22 PM
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That's interesting. I didn't think Jennifer ever knew, but I always wondered about the rest of the family.
In part, I have always wondered if keeping the rape under wraps led to her breakdown. She'd loved Bill before the rape. And well after she wanted to be with him over Mickey. But she never really faced the rape. No idea if that ever came into play during the initial breakdown story. Probably not. Its safe to say no one in the family knows about Mike's true origins.
I really wish that they'd have one of Jen's kids have a breakdown the way Laura did....it would be a good story to have JJ end up with somekind of breakdown after this happens....not a full on catatonic state or anything but something where he needs treatment....
I could believe more or JJ than Abigail at this point, but love it for either of them. Always wanted it for Jennifer for a long, long time, but MR just doesn't have it anymore. Watching her face those mental issues skipping a generation would be priceless, though. And either CM or KM could pull that off in spades.
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