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As far as sexual assault goes, JJ's got the motherload in his genes, eh?
Bill's rape of Laura was before my time. Anyone remember how it was handled? Did he experience any remorse or shame? Did he face any censure from his family or the town and have to redeem himself, or was his crime swept under the rug because he married his victim?
The rape was never revealed, to my knowledge. Bill was drunk and he definitely assaulted Laura. Bill did not remember what happened and when he asked Laura, she said she had turned him away and nothing happened. She lied to preserve Mickey and Bill's relationship.
Laura did tell Tom Horton about the rape when he found out Mickey was sterile and therefore couldn't be Michael's father. I also remember Bill talking to Susan Martin about it when he dated her.

I believe Bill's "punishment" was watching his brother raise his son (and spending time in prison for Kitty's manslaughter). But, the rape was sort of glossed over as time passed and Bill and Laura were drawn back together.
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