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S loves EJ

Oct 4 2013, 04:26 PM
Oct 4 2013, 02:49 PM
Adrienne spilling her tea right before she metaphorically spills tea amused me more than it should have.

I like that EJ continues to steer Chad down the wrong path in a genuine attempt to help. Like someone I follow on twitter said, it would have been better if Sami had gotten in on it. Faking medical records is her area of expertise after all.

I have a feeling Will is going to be the first of many Bradys to complain about Sami living with Sami, which is going to get old, really fast, since the rest of them didn't have anything to say a couple of months ago. It's also nice that Sami finally recognizes and is grateful for the sacrifice EJ made for her.

It bothered me that Jen seemed to disapprove of Kayla's slip. Apparently the rape is a dark family secret that everyone has decided to shield the kids from, which makes sense, but it's not like Adrienne, or someone not directly involved, made the comment that set JJ on the course to finding out the whole story. JJ is an adult now and it's Kayla's story to tell, or hint at, if that's what she wants to do.
Actually I remember Marlena having a chat with Sami about that when she moved in with the kids back in the spring.....I can't recall if Roman ever said anything since he's barely on....but I do recall Marlena voicing her discontent.

On the JJ thing...what bothers me is that it should be up to the parents to tell the child in whatever way they see fit. If I were writing, I would have had Jen approach Kayla and have them both sit JJ down and tell him. I guess it would have looked even worse since the excuse to tell him during this troubled time in his life would have been to make him not see Dan in such a bad light, considering his father did something so horrible....forget it...lol

I do remember that it was an EJ/Roman scene earlier this year, but I think it was the engagment not about Ejami moving in to the mansion Roman was unhappy about. He said something like they hadnīt told him about it but he guessed it was because they knew he wouldnīt be happy about it.
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