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Wow it looks like a fabulous week! Its almost like they start sweeps a month early.

I will say that while I'm fairly good at speccing out a story, the intrusion of Rafe/Jordan/Kate at the Ejami engagement party threw me for a loop until I finally got caught up watching Days from this week and realized, its all about Rafe.

On Mondays eppie, Rafe smarts off to EJ that he's jealous of what Safe had together. Poor thing, he's been in the hospital all this time and hasn't figured out what Salem and the rest of us have. Sami doesn't just love EJ...she loooovvvvveeeesssss EJ. I expect the trio to arrive just in time to get a gander at Sami's toast to EJ, clueing Rafe in to the fact that what he had with Sami isn't a drop in the bucket to what she has with EJ. This of course will break his heart, softening Jordan immensely to him (plus this week also Sami has words with Jordan so she knows first hand how forceful the future Mrs. DiMera can be). Kate will be witness to this and that's why the next week you have a spoiler that Kate goes snooping into Jordan's past.

This finally should move Rafe completely out of the Ejami orbit and give him a story all his own. About damn time.

Looks like the points to have Eric believe Nicole is the on that defrocked him are plugging right along as well. Oh and who else thinks Nick is going to go BSC and more than likely be the cause of Cameron leaving Salem?
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