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Sep 30 2013, 12:16 AM
Oh, you mean no personal life yet?

I know.

It's been long enough. I think it has. I'm ready for her to date. She needs to stick her feet in the water of the dating pool.

You know I really don't understand why Kayla needs to be fixed up with someone or have a love interest to have story. Or Kate for that matter. They are intelligent, successful women, why can't they have a story about their careers and see how things evolve? (I like Rate as a one-time fling, but long-term I see them as unconventional friends.)

One of my favorite quotes is the 1st time you marry for love, the second for money and the third for companionship. Why can't Abe and Kayla form a friendship over their children? They both have boys, theo needs a mother figure and Joey needs a dad. Abe could tell Joey stories about Steve from his police days. It's not intense drama but it is real life. Kayla's got a lot going on. She's taking care of her mom, a young son and a high-profile job. Those struggles and balancing her life, could be an ongoing background story for her and something that the audience could relate to IMHO.

(Yes, I know soaps are nothing like real-life, but what I have liked about days is the relationships. That to me is the basis for making all the other over the top crap believable, for me anyway)
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