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Oct 5 2013, 10:39 AM
After yesterday's scenes (especially with MBE and Judi Evans), I am cautiously optimistic that the rape revisit won't be mishandled. I'm still waiting for a day when Daniel isn't mentioned in relation to the story, but I don't think I'll hold my breath on that one.

Count me among those who believe Kayla owes no apologies. Was the fact she slipped when she didn't want to unfortunate? Yes, but not as unfortunate as her being violated in a malicious act. I'm a huge Jack fan (and obviously a huge MA fan), but no amount of redemption of Jack as a character changes the fact that Kayla was horrifically assaulted and violated. If making a crack to the lack of Jack's sainthood is the worst she's done, then she's miles ahead of what most raped women would be willing to suppress for the sake of a family dynamic.
Kayla doesn't owe an apology--her feelings are her own and she has a right to them--but I think it was appropriate that she went over to Jennifer's to explain what had happened, if only because the slip she made was so potentially volatile and can affect so many living people. And because JJ clearly wasn't willing to just let it go. If you think you've done something to trigger a possible disaster, it's only right to warn people in the vicinity so they can get out of the way--or otherwise attempt to defuse the situation. I'm just mystified that all three women were wringing their hands and worrying about JJ finding out "the wrong way" and not actively taking steps to ensure he learned "the right way" or rather, "the least damaging way"--if such a thing even exists. This whole "conspiracy of silence" thing is going to blow up in their faces, big time.

I wish I knew when J&J had told Abigail about the rape. Personally, I think telling her after she tried to break up Austin and Carrie's marriage would have been a perfect time, dramatically speaking. I could imagine Jack bringing it up because he didn't want to see his daughter making the same mistakes he did, resorting to dirty tricks or physical force to land/hang on to someone who loves someone else. And Abigail's own guilt and shame might have made her more receptive to his message. It's unlikely to happen with this regime, but if MA ever comes back, couldn't the show film J&J telling Abigail as a flashback?
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