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Sep 30 2013, 03:06 PM
Maxie and Spinelli are the legal parents and both have rights to their child.

The parents on the birth certificate are the legal parents until the court says otherwise, not the biological parents. Maxie signed away her rights to that child already if you remember, so the only person that has any legal standing is Spinelli. He'd have to petition the court for a paternity test and then sue for custody, it's not all automatic. The baby would stay with Dante and Lulu until everything was worked out, which if this was reality could take years but since this is Port Charles, I'm sure Diane could get Spinelli a hearing next week.

The courts required a paternity test for both sets of parents. Their are paternity tests for mothers and fathers and it would be recorded into the court system. Spinelli did not sign his rights to his child. There was a case in Utah were the mother signed her rights away to her child but the court did not get father permission. He sued for custody of his child and won his case.
The baby would be placed in foster care until the court reached a decision.
Lulu and Dante is acting like Starvos Cassadine in regards to Connie.
There is no reason why all four adults could coparent Connie together.
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