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I watched Thursday and Friday on a binge so I might be mixing up days here. I also skipped like a week before because this show is boring.

I was a bit uncomfortable with Jennifer kinda freaking out about Kayla letting something slip to JJ, though I understood it because she is in mama mode. But if Kayla has this big scene where she gets to ream out the town for taking her feelings for granted, I think it'd be pretty deserved. In the grand scheme of things I don't see how her slip-up was anything that awful. I don't think Jennifer thought so either, in and of itself, but she was focused on the incidental consequences. She was immediately thinking only about the effect on JJ but I doubt she's angry at Kayla in any real sense (and I don't think she should be). The truth has to come out sooner or later and even Jennifer and Jack thought so, and if it comes out in less than ideal situations, well it's not ideal, but I don't think it will automatically destroy JJ singlehandedly. Like six said, ultimately the truth is Jack did something JJ will find difficult to stomach and that's also where the drama seems to be.

I'd also love it if Jennifer doesn't know about Bill raping Laura but finds out, for probably the same reasons as LastLicks. I always thought it could be a vehicle for redefining Jennifer, drawing together scattered threads into a cohesive statement. Now that she's already had a talk about Jack raping Kayla with Abby it could play differently than how I'd always seen it though.

I "liked" how JJ tricked Adrienne into thinking he already knows everything, in that it was clever and got a dramatic moment for Judi to play. I am anticipating the Kayla and Adrienne scene that's supposed to be coming up, but with caution as I don't think it'll be what I want.

I am ... intrigued, for lack of anything better to say, about Nick. Because I'm crap about keeping up with gossip I don't know if Blake Berris is staying or going, but I don't really care about Nick being a good guy or a bad guy as much as him being a viable character. There are certain lines that once you cross them, staying viable becomes harder, and I just like BB too much to want him off. I can say that he's successfully creeping me out, so kudos to Blake.

I am still watching and waiting to see how Daniel figures in to the whole "making XYZ look good/bad" thing, but I am more convinced that Kayla will be a bytstander, unfortunately. Could be wrong. But I think this is about JJ more than anyone.

Theresa being "not there" for her job is, well, obvious. She never made herself out to be a serious career woman, she's obviously only doing it because she has to and she's making trouble along the way because that's, well, who she is, a troubled (overgrown) teen. Anne OTOH ... as much as I may like the actress, her motivations are still kinda dumb. Jen Lilley may not be a convincing youngster but Anne is clearly much older than her, it looks like she's getting into Scooby Doo hijinks because ...she has nothing better to do? Like, I've had tons of coworkers and bosses who skate by on doing jackshit for work, for abusing rules, etc, I don't devote my life to Revenge. Jennifer did nothing personal to start something with Anne; as much as I may think Jennifer's character needs some rehab, it doesn't necessarily make Anne ... look good ... Theresa OTOH doesn't need to look good because we're supposed to see her as a fuck-up. Anne, I don't know that we are.
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