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Oct 5 2013, 04:31 PM
Oct 5 2013, 01:02 PM
I feel a little robbed that we didn't get to see Stephanie and Abby find out, and how that might've impacted their cousinly relationship and the dynamic within the bigger family uni: Kayla, Steve, Jack, jennifer. I'm glad we're seeing it now with JJ, but so much more drama was possible, and its unfortunate that it was never pursued.

I'm glad they're including Adrienne's reactions too. I'm waiting for some scenes where Jennifer, Kayla, and Adrienne come together to discuss this. It's such a complicated situation...so deeply painful and difficult a topic for each of them, but who better to understand all those feelings than each other?
I wanted to see Abby find out, but I guess ... I can see that it would conveniently "explain" some changes in the Abby-Jack dynamic that some viewers found jarring (she used to be his #1 cheerleader but later less so ... again, better for on screen drama but since the change happened anyway I can see how it would explain it retroactively). But Stephanie's still left and as bizarre as it is that she doesn't know, at least it leaves the door open for drama. I only fear that any reveals coming out of this whole connected family would leave things feeling redundant. Rape was/is used so irresponsibly on daytime, I really hated it when Stephanie was raped and just tuned out.

But I think it would be really interesting to see Abby and Stephanie as close cousins and see what this did to them. I remember when Chelsea was on Abby was kinda torn between Stephanie and her, but I still felt that they were on good terms generally. I don't remember everything, my brain probably feels like it's better to devote its memory space to things other than DAYS.
Yeah. We observed Abby and Jack's relationship change. During his time in Afghanistan, Abby was angry with him for taking off and for staying out of touch. Of course, it was believed at that time that this was a deliberate choice on Jack's part, and akin to some of his history of leaving for reasons of his own.

I'm not disrespecting Jack when I say that. I'm looking at it from what would be Jennifer and Abby's POV. But how much more powerful would it have been if we the audience had had a chance to witness that Deveraux family pow-wow about what Jack did to Kayla all those years ago? Abby would have been upset, and her reasons for whatever attitude she showed Jack would be understandable. We also would have been witness to Jack's thoughts and reactions all those years after what was a defining moment in his life. If Steve and Kayla and Stephanie were also privy to the details, it would have been a pivotal storyline for everyone.

I'm not really disappointed in what's going on so far.

This set of scenes is the first time since she's returned where we've really gotten to witness Kayla being truly upset about something that happens in her own life. Usually she just listens to everyone else. She's the supportive friend who offers help and advice, but never really gets any concern from THEM.

I've welcomed this chance to see what she feels and thinks as she looks back on this incident, and on how she reacts to having been the one to spill the beans. I want how Adrienne's doing in this situation after JJ leaves too. It may be JJ's story...and I am interested in what happens to him...but it should also be their story, and not just as those concerned about JJ. I want to see what they think NOW as they look back. The whole ball of wax. The bad feelings, and the better ones...because they did get to the point where there were better ones. Just because memories come back and slap you in the face doesn't mean every good moment achieved is gone. It's gotta be a mixture of jumbled up feelings, I bet.

Honestly, this whole thing brings up a lot of ghosts for all of them.
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