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Guy Wilson @THEguywilson
Headed to Joshua Tree for the weekend for more filming of the short film I'm producing, 'The Indelible' #TheIndelible

Stephanie Lukas @StephanieLukas1
@THEguywilson Isn't the park closed due to gov't shutdown?
Guy Wilson @THEguywilson
@StephanieLukas1 good point. We're actually filming just outside the park.

Anja Aretz @anjastw
@THEguywilson Wow that is awesome! Didn't know you do that. Is it your first short film you produce? And Joshua Tree is so beautiful :-)
Guy Wilson @THEguywilson
@anjastw yes, first project I've produced!

Anja Aretz @anjastw
@THEguywilson I am very curious! Hope we can see it :-) what is the film about? Action? Drama? Or something like that?
Guy Wilson @THEguywilson
@anjastw dark and violent drama ;)

Sarah @sarahh20
@THEguywilson are you starring in it too??!
Guy Wilson @THEguywilson
@sarahh20 I am!

Wilson#1 @adnking92
@THEguywilson good luck Guy. Is this something we will be able to see?
Guy Wilson @THEguywilson
@adnking92 absolutely! I'll let y'all know!
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