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All of buried alive. That was the storyline that got me into Days.

This is the scene mentioned earlier, Vivian rolling around in ecstasy.

Paradise to Hell, paradise to Hell, come in please...

- The finale of Maison Blanche: The hurricane, Roman discovering Stefano alive, then John and Marlena, Celeste creeping everybody out, the chase down the river, Hope falling overboard, Bo and Billie's romance being ruined, John showing back up at the house during the fire, Kristen discovering Stefano's alive, Tony being blinded...

- Is Marlena alive (1988)? Going back through the episodes, it's fairly obvious that Days had no intention of bringing Marlena back, but that's only part of it. It's a pretty good story about Roman being able to let go and how much Diana saw herself as competition to a dead woman. There's a few scenes to mess with everyone: Marlena's perfume, her favorite flowers being delivered, the story of the goblets, the blonde woman showing up occasionally in flashes, with her finally getting the better of Diana's curiosity.

The Carrie hologram in Stefano's lair during the latter part of that storyline looks extremely low-rent now, but possibly passed for creepy then.
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