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I'm just mystified that all three women were wringing their hands and worrying about JJ finding out "the wrong way" and not actively taking steps to ensure he learned "the right way" or rather, "the least damaging way"--if such a thing even exists. This whole "conspiracy of silence" thing is going to blow up in their faces, big time.

I wish I knew when J&J had told Abigail about the rape. Personally, I think telling her after she tried to break up Austin and Carrie's marriage would have been a perfect time, dramatically speaking. I could imagine Jack bringing it up because he didn't want to see his daughter making the same mistakes he did, resorting to dirty tricks or physical force to land/hang on to someone who loves someone else. And Abigail's own guilt and shame might have made her more receptive to his message. It's unlikely to happen with this regime, but if MA ever comes back, couldn't the show film J&J telling Abigail as a flashback?

Wasn't Jennifer's going over to the park supposed to show us the opposite? She isn't planning on keeping silent and set out to tell him the right way, and while she probably should have done so the moment Abigail brought it up, I'm guessing she held off not realizing he was determined to find out the truth. I don't love the idea of her sitting around waiting for him (because I feel like she'd sleep in park with him if she had to), but I think she's trying to handle this well for a change.

I absolutely agree that one of the many perfect times to tell Abigail would have been after she tried to break up Carrie and Austin, and I'm sorry we never got to see it. I loved his response to her saying everybody would know what she did, and he firmly said, "Yes they will, and you're going to have deal with it." He didn't cut her any slack because he learned that same lesson, it's a shame we didn't get to see them talk about it more.

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