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Oct 5 2013, 11:02 PM
Oct 4 2013, 01:51 PM
I really wish the anti-Stefano feeling could get consistency for each character. I also laughed when Sami said no one hates Stefano more than she does. Girl, talk to me when he makes you believe he killed your husband, kidnaps your kids forcing you to shoot him, sends a brainwashed total stranger to replace your husband, keeps you hidden on an island for almost four years, forcibly makes you a surrogate to kids that are also not his, reveals your real husband is alive, kidnaps you and your replacement husband and coerces you into sleeping with him (Stefano) to save the now love of your life, forces you to reveal your affair with your husband's replacement at I believe the baptism of the daughter yuou and husband replacement conceived through said affair, stalks you relentlessly for ten years after you divorce the husband you once thought was dead, seduces you into being possessed by the devil, uses guilt from the devil attacking him and feigns amnesia to get you to take care of him, helps drive his 'son' to frame your true love for murder, kidnaps you and keeps you in a cage and places your true love's neck under a guillotine, helps his adoptive daughter keep you and your true love apart by hiring an innocent cuckoo to help fake his daughter's pregnancy, putting aside his adoptive daughter's own crimes against you, using your ex-husband's health as a bargaining chip to get all of his crimes pardoned, using chip technology to make your new husband have an affair with who he thinks is his former lover on a submarine, his role in the JT/Zach baby switch with your husband being a potential father, and then after a nice little breather, coming back and having his son put your husband into a coma, and then after he wakes up, his crazy nephew puts a hit and run hit on your husband who dies and then Stefano takes said husband and reprograms him as his pawn again and all that mess...really Sami? You can compete with THAT?
Wow, thank you for writing all that up! I was thinking the same thing when she said that. Give me a break. It's as though Sami could care less what Stefano did to anyone else, especially her mother. But I would expect nothing less of her. The world does revolve around Sami after all. :rolleyes:
It was a fun exercise of J/M chronology and history. :)
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