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so from the sound of the article, Roman refuses to attend and warns Sami about marrying into the Dimera family, but Marlena is there? I hope she gives us a pretty good excuse as to why she doesn't have issues with her daughter marrying into the family now. And yes, I know that Ej got her out of jail and all that but who cares...if she's living in a virtual prison and she needs to dance by the beat of Stefano's drum, I can't imagine that Marlena would be fine with that.

I think AS looks really pretty though, but the dress and the hairstyle is very, very similar to her Green wedding one...
I don't get that article. It talked about how Sami's family doesn't come, but yet, Will, Marlena and Caroline are there. Um, they're her family. It does say Roman won't come. Maybe Eric doesn't show up either?
Then who the hell are all those people in that place? Did Elvis hire them to come?
Isn't Sonny, as co owner of the bar and Will's partner, there? If so, since Will, Marlena, Gabi and Caroline are there, who is watching Arianna Grace? :shrug:
Having watched the video numerous times trying to find him, Sonny may be at the party but, based on the promo, he is nowhere to be found. If that turns out to be correct, then Rafe's sister is there but not Will's boyfriend and part owner of the club. Makes perfect sense to me. :sarcasm:
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