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Oct 5 2013, 11:50 PM
Oct 5 2013, 11:03 PM
Oct 5 2013, 04:25 PM
I was a bit uncomfortable with Jennifer kinda freaking out about Kayla letting something slip to JJ, though I understood it because she is in mama mode. But if Kayla has this big scene where she gets to ream out the town for taking her feelings for granted, I think it'd be pretty deserved. In the grand scheme of things I don't see how her slip-up was anything that awful. I don't think Jennifer thought so either, in and of itself, but she was focused on the incidental consequences. She was immediately thinking only about the effect on JJ but I doubt she's angry at Kayla in any real sense (and I don't think she should be). The truth has to come out sooner or later and even Jennifer and Jack thought so, and if it comes out in less than ideal situations, well it's not ideal, but I don't think it will automatically destroy JJ singlehandedly. Like six said, ultimately the truth is Jack did something JJ will find difficult to stomach and that's also where the drama seems to be.
It didn't make me feel uncomfortable, but I considered the history between Jennifer and Kayla on the subject. While they never had an in-depth conversation about rape or their respective feelings towards Jack . . . they did seem to have a mutual understanding, even more so after Jennifer was raped by Lawrence. Jennifer never pushed her feelings for Jack or his remorse on Kayla and that made all the difference back then. I feel that same understanding between them today. I cut Jennifer slack for being touchy when it comes to her son, she tried to be sensitive with Kayla's feelings too, and I like that Kayla feels exactly the same way. Maybe that isn't okay, but I do feel it was in character.
I thought Jennifer did well, showing she was upset about the slip for JJ's sake, but also conveying that she didn't blame Kayla for it happening. She's been through a rape. If someone was praising Lawrence to the hilt in front of her, I doubt she'd think it was wonderful, and she might've gotten upset too. It's kind of complicated, because Kayla IS JJ and Abby's aunt. She does care about them, and it's a strange situation that not many women find themselves in...your rapist was part of your family. I'm sure she thought she was "over it", but then that memory surfaced, and she reacted.

Heck, I had a VERY hard time believing Jennifer's friendship with Carly wasn't impacted in the least by Carly's decision to marry Jennifer's rapist. When Carly came back and no mention was made of Jennifer's feelings over that, it was disappointing to me. When Kayla would get mad at Carly over the Bo and Carly affair they carried on so openly in front of Hope, in my head, Kayla's reason for feeling so antagonistic toward Carly was that same decision to marry Lawrence, because as longtime viewers know, Lawrence took Steve away from Kayla. Stefano really had nothing to do with it initially. He was only brought into that story in 2007.
I've seen some argue that Jennifer wouldn't have a right to take issue with her best friend being in love with her rapist because she herself married a rapist and kept touch with his victim, but Kayla and Jennifer were, at best, friendly acquaintances through family association in those days. I could see them actually being friends now because they have far more in common being older, but even that has its limits . . . because of Jack. Personally, Jennifer and Carly never worked for me as friends for many reasons (but I did think MR/CC had nice BFF chemistry).

More on the couch conversation between Jennifer and Kayla: I feel Kayla's concern over her slip is out of protectiveness for the entire family (which is so like her), including all the kids and also maybe related to her sometimes unusual protectiveness of Jack in the past. We saw how she never let her being raped keep the Johnsons from getting their happy ending. Kayla always cared about the feelings of those around her more than her own (OT: I know there's debate over this in regards to Shane and Kim, but I didn't really watch enough of that story to comment), even her worst enemy; she even showed concern for Harper Deveraux when Jack came crying to her about Harper being beaten in prison, and the man tried to murder her . . . three times! Jack, Steve and Kayla were all so connected in their three years together, good, bad and ugly. While Jack was not important to Kayla in the way she was important to him, she would never leave him to figuratively rot in hell, either. Especially after Steve's death, because he had loved his baby brother so intensely, Kayla almost inherited his concern over Billy Jack's well-being. She could have closed the door on rebuilding their relationship and probably should have then, but she allowed for him to be a part of Stephanie's life. Even when he died this last time, Kayla seemed genuinely upset over it.

Now I'm not saying that was the right approach in the writing; I certainly understand that her voice was ignored to benefit Jack. However, that was the story as told and I do admire her ability to care enough about someone who didn't deserve to be cared about by her, especially because Jack really did come to hate himself over what he had done, and it just made for interesting soap opera.

Kayla did make a small mention to Jennifer about still not being over it, so I am very interested in knowing how she feels now. The writers can't go there and simply pretend they didn't, we need to know.
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