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Oct 5 2013, 11:53 PM
Theresa in hospital security...that's funny, right? I mean, didn't she try to embezzle funds? It's a different type of security breach, but still...

If Jennifer had opted to try to press charges, it wouldn't have flown because Theresa never cashed the check, but it's a near thing. That girl's always skating on the edge of self-destruction.

Thanks for the Kayla and company gif, Deverauxfan!
Yeah, Theresa in security is supposed to be ironic. However, in a nod to canon, the show could make it so Theresa actually knows some type of martial arts. Shane was an expert in martial arts who trained Salem PD recruits in hand-to-hand combat when he was was paralyzed, and there was a brief storyline with Kim learning karate. So it would be fitting that they would have had their kids learn some kind of martial arts. (That also could have played into Theresa's prior arrests, since at least one was for assault.)
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