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I'm gonna say this is my favorite scary moment. Roman's death actually worked really well, because in any other case Roman could have been able to take the killer out, but the shock of taking away the mask and having it revealed to be Marlena was such a shock to him that it was no wonder he couldn't fight back. And the wedding cake tray, having the bride and groom stuffed down his throat, and Kate's bloody scream at the end were amazing to me!

At the end it was so satisfactory. I SO wanted Marlena to be the killer, and she was! I'm not withcounting the things that happened after that though. Now when I think about this story, it was cartoonish, but at the time I was actually riveted, couldn't miss an episode. This storyline has gotten way too much unnecessary flack. It was a great storyline actually and all in all. I get that not all were happy that the characters were all alive, but this couldn't have been done any other way. I mean, nobody's gonna kill off Alice Horton by stuffing donuts down her throat. That's just not gonna happen. So I'm perfectly fine with these people being alive after all. This way, we got the best of the best. The murders AND the happy ending.
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